The Final Knowledge (68)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 465~466)

My companion’s reaction had the complexion of a kind of despair. Unlike the strong resistance and the objection in the heyday of ma-kai (the evil world), she was seeking for the way out of the pain. The existence of herself who did not know to repent was utterly worthless and not worth living. She got exhausted from fighting and admitted her defeat, and she was in a state that she turned on the self-destruct device herself. It was dangerous. However, my master existence stopped me from helping her. If I helped her then, she would not learn forever. Without learning, she would repeat it. Do not send back the one that have carried out this far into the cycle. It was to leave it and not to be concerned.
I knew that what my companion would meet from then was the power that drove my father into suicide and the dark energy that continued making causes of the wars and massacres on this ground. Humans on the earth must know the existence of this power. The appearance of those who use this power and rule must not be allowed again. I kept considering the process of shin-gyo (god work) again. The conscious being using the dark energy that the ma-kai (the evil world) of the earth has made for the final war will appear in my companion in the end. This is no more than a story but it is also a real power. It can be said that my shin-gyo (god work) so far was all for this. If the law of my shin-gyo (god work) to this point is applied to this time again, the crystallized conscious being that has appeared in my companion will be shifted into my body in the end.
I chose the way to live as the one that embodied the will of my master existence. I am ready to deal with it. I must be so.
Apart from my companion’s despair, the revelation about my knowledge was what I had been waiting for for a long time.