The Final Knowledge (10)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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“Exactly. We are the master of the words of darkness. The world is filled with the words of darkness. We appear from the inside of the words and manipulate humans. The humans do not notice even that they are manipulated. Even though they are pointed out their sin in the Last Judgment and notice it, we will already have left them. We have nothing to do with god, devil, nor judgment. We are ultimately evolutionary form of consciousness.”
The words went on, but I was thinking the present humans have no countermeasures to the master of the words of darkness.
It occurred to me that it is something like a virus that dwells in the words used by one with the mind of darkness.
“Exactly. The master of the words of darkness proliferates in the darkness of human mind. The energy of darkness keeps transmitting from mind to mind.”
“That is perfect.” I told the “we” thing. Then, that talkative existence said a mysterious thing and left.
“Darkness is driving force for light.”
I realized, for the first time, the meaning of why the spiritual world had been eliminated. Humans have already excelled god and devil.
The filter of the spiritual world that had put the lid on human potential will only increase this energy of darkness. The image of god and devil will be continuously used as a front for the master of the words of darkness.
Humans have continued dominating, killing, and stealing in the name of god. However, the premise that the humans will be judged has become the only deterrent. If the premise became invalid, it could be said that the victory of darkness would be decided.
I noticed that humans have already consumed god and devil entirely in the world of visual image.