The Final Knowledge (8)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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Humans have already known the secret of this energy in some degree. Its relation to the elimination of the spiritual world was indicated by the following vision.
Human mind has been assumed to be spiritual world existence. This human mind reflects not the physical universe but the spiritual world, in other words, what goes through a filter of the spiritual space. That is to say, the physical universe is never directly reflected to human mind.
The spiritual world keeps reflecting the god story. Again, an endless god story is repeated in human mind. Although nothing is there, some go to that world.
The truth is that human knowledge noticed this very filter of the spiritual world was the biggest problem long before. That is the essence of the information that has been handed down to some secret societies as wisdom from ancient times. It is the position that the god whom religions insist on is indeed a problem. For example, the top knowledge of Freemason’s secret initiation members is that this physical universe has a certain kind of evolution will and it is the existence above god that humans suppose. I was taught that the knowledge has been conveyed to only those who are allowed to know by invisible light. What is behind Freemason’s tenets of freedom, equality, and philanthropy is the vector of spiritual evolution in the physical universe that humans have glimpsed through the barrier of the spiritual world.
When humans unconsciously think that the throne of god is above the sky, their minds reflect the universe seen through the filter of the spiritual world.
Energy is supplied to human mind. And, the energy is sent from the physical world itself that has kept expanding further after the past 13.7 billion years.