The Final Knowledge (130)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 435~436)

Amatsutsuki” accepted the passage written in the Declaration of Independence. That could also mean to bless it. If god accepts and supports that human beings believe that the rights are granted by the creator or god, those words will have divinity.
Whoever the person who appeared at the congress in Philadelphia was, he knew a part of the secret of divine words. As a result, America walked the path to the strongest States.
The attainment point after two thousand years in the sense of the good news of the kingdom which came from Jesus’ words in my knowledge is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted at the United Nations General Assembly on December 10th, 1948.
The spiritual evolution factor that Jesus’ words carry works to free the human consciousness from the closed circle and create the future. In that sense, it is no coincidence that H. G. Wells who made the future literature was deeply involved with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That made the good news of the kingdom be preached through all the world. The light data of “Amatsutsuki” said so.
If it was called the wish for the kingdom to seek for an ideal society, communism would also be an extension of that. The early Christians were also communists of a kind. However, communism or socialism which derived from Karl Marx who based on historical materialism was, as self-proclaimed, a son of science. They saw dominance and oppression in churches and religious history and, in order to deny them, apostatized god in the name of science. As long as they were on the side of being aggrieved or suppressed, the conceptual ideality had luster, but once they came into power, they had the behavioral principals that everything was allowed to achieve their aims. They turned into worse oppressors than before.
They even study a brainwashing system to alter human minds with the method purporting to be scientific. As far as I am concerned, it is in the area of religious witchcraft. The country of make-believe assumed on the premise that human beings have simply evolved from matter and then have acquired mind, such as the Soviet Union which was turned into a reality, collapsed after seventy two years. It was the same as an ancient short-lived conquering dynasty.