The Final Knowledge (87)

Chapter Six


(Web page 32/51)
(Book page 494~495)

If you forget the rule that the consciousness of humans who have awoken are the strongest, a chain of games for thoughts and feelings, which seems to be perfectly reasonable, will start from there. I have found the structure where humans are taking a false step at the beginning and can not easily leave from the system of cursing god. It is their one-sided belief that they are born innocent. It is humans that they can not have their won way whatever life they have. If they are born as a king, they can not completely rule over human mind. Humans have lived happily and comfortably without thinking about the meaning of their physical existence that they are born and never fail to die, and have spent the largest energy in the illusion making it forever. Its base is this dark core. The concept of god and justice is only a hindrance to comfort there. It is their goal that they build up their own comfortable microcosm, close the gate, and stay there forever.
In the dark core does the false god exist. For humans, it is a desire that they want to be a god. For the spiritual world, it is a desire of the recurrence to the origin which is generated from the fragment in humans with the memory of the condition that once everything was god.
There is intuition that the existence of god is surely inside of the their microcosm which is themselves. It is absolutely right. For the microcosm of the spiritual world to be formed, the sovereign god has to exist in its center. The problem is that humans will be being the god’s children while the sovereign god is superior to the human spirit in rank.
Humans become to be human children through bringing up their spirit born as the god’s children. They go beyond the inner god to become human children, and it is toward the only god that the souls awoken through their spiritual activities aim.