The Final Knowledge (104)

Chapter Six

(Web page 49/51)
(Book page 526~527)

The following uta (verse) from “Toyoukei” confirmed that I know what looks white is the roof covering a conscious being. And it says to end a day-to-day life, or finish, and guard the body. Humans who are yashiro (shrine) of mioya have promise coming from Ise and light, and then should leave the rest to the celestial sky. I will explain what actually happened in chronological order. The evil on the ground was purged by rain and wind of typhoon. At the same time, the pretended white roof of humans was also cleared out. This created a lot of swirling evils on the ground. There, “Poimandres” showed the true power as a dragon. Dragons breathe fire. The dragon burned those evils away with fire as a bellows. That was the first step. Furthermore, it expressed its intention to accuse yashiro (shrine) of a bellows continuing to reproduce kohane (stone heart) of human souls, in other words, the existence form of humans who breathe, and set it on fire. That was the second step.
I described that “Poimandres” is the existence that we call the archetype of god on the earth. As long as there is a rule defining humans who breathe as the containers of god, humans are yashiro (shrine) of mioya and with light as in uta (veres) from “Toyoukei“. This mioya of humans who breathe can be “Poimandres“. Because “Poimandres” is the oldest existence on the earth that has the story of the beginning of this universe, if not the original archetype of god. The ancient dragon conveyed to me at the last moment that the human illusion of the afterworld is wrong.