The Final Knowledge (102)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 523~524)

In a human soul, for better or worse, there is light or fire. That is the each person’s memory of a god child. According to that memory, each individual person’s story moves ahead in the sense of the spiritual world, but until the person awakes, it tends to inevitably verge to the past which is the starting point of the story. Even without the function of rei-kai (the ghost world), the journey of self-discovery can not help heading for the past. Humans who do not know the rule of awakening create space-time strain there. The strain of time-space could produce new ma-kai (the evil world). Though it is free to produce that layer in each and every human microcosm, that should not be generated on a global basis. In order to dispose it, the will works to take up remaining energy from the field like a magmatic swamp on and under the ground, and distinguish it.
The celestial sky moved.
I witnessed an expression of the last thorough cleaning which has been done by the movement of the celestial sky and the ground. It cleaned up remaning energy, using typhoon, in the same way as ooharai (purification). Ryujin-kai (the dragon gods world) was finishing up the work. As a result of the Judgment, various kekkai (sacred shield), such as Ise and Mt. Fuji, were laid, and the ground fields to relay energy of the spiritual world or accumulate information were made redundant. Ryujin (dragon god) started to work on energy lingering in those fields.
Ryujin (dragon god) is a god before personified gods appearing in the story of the earth. From ancient times, as the presider god of this universe, the image of a dragon has been known to new entrants to a kind of conclave. It is the dragon known as “Poimandres” in Hermetica. It was recognized as Tentei (the emperor of the celestial sky) in China. The presider god of the universe was symbolized by the dragon, and it served as the basis for the idea of Tentei (the emperor of the celestial sky) that a Chinese emperor dominated the ground by this Tentei‘s (the emperor of the celestial sky) intention and choice. If the Milky Way was seen as the body of this dragon in a human image, it might give realism to the term of Tentei (the emperor of the celestial sky). This dragon, “Poimandres“, is a godhead that ran to me at the earliest stage of my shin-gyo (god work), and, at the same time, could be the closest existence to the form of the origin god on the earth. As if it was a notification of the end of the thorough cleaning, uta (verse) reached me.