The Final Knowledge (72)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 470~472)

My companion complained to me. The physical sense and the memory kept reproducing and she was not allowed even to sleep in the unbearable conscious and physical condition just to live. She did not want to stay at the bottom of the hell like this.
However, it was not the bottom of the hell but just the threshold. The only way to be healed is to repent and sleep. She needed to sleep more than anything else, but she was deprived of even sleeping in this far condition. She fell and got hurt deeply by any triggers. In the condition that living itself was limitless pain for her, one day, my companion gave an eccentric laugh. It was a laugh peculiar to the insane. “I am laughing because I am told to do so.” She said so pointing at me. The laugh got louder. She finally stepped into insanity. The separation of light and darkness was beginning. I knew that what in the deepest of my companion’s consciousness began to be reflected to the real physical world at this point.
The word of exorcism came to my consciousness. It was an ultimate exorcism. The daughter of Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) was going to come down to the human world and become a human child. It was so in a myth. She hoped to become a human child herself, but she had to undergo a great trial for it. First of all she had to remove the heavy yoke which was made by the energy of thoughts and feelings in ma-kai (the evil world) where the hope seemed betrayal.
My companion was made to see the state of her spiritual world as a vision at the beginning of shin-gyo (god-work), and she drew it in a picture. The anchor of a huge ship was chained under the shape of a human being. It was her kowane (stone heart), the image of her life which was bound with a strong root. A huge anchor and a chain drawn in a picture occurred to her consciousness. The power which made her existence meaningless by madness and tried to drag her light consciousness into deeper darkness worked there. It was a conflict between the will trying to come out to the world with light and the irrational mind energy trying to come back to darkness. Most humans are controlled by this dark energy of knowing nothing and live without awakening and die. Their life circulates and the life gets crueler and crueler. They expel those who have awoken and tries to regain the stability of the mind of lamb. The theme of myth which is the humans who killed Jesus on the earth is reproduced in their microcosms.

“Ha-ha-ha. It’s your fault.”