The Final Knowledge (261)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

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(Book page 38~41)


When two pillars erect, come to Okinawa as kami. That was what I had been told.
The revelation was, “Perform ooharae (great purification) as kami, and raise human spirits who are still sleeping there.”
Okinawa was the place with significant meaning to me. My father passed away when I was 15 years and 5 months. He killed himself. He came back alive from the war in Okinawa. He lived after the war with his bullet-scarred left arm and waist. Just before his death, he looked at me and said I was grown up. That was his parting words. He lost most of his men as a platoon leader. I heard two men survived.
I had known what kind of energy killed my father before I awakened. If human consciousness is controlled by the dark energy, the person will choose death. If a group of people are controlled, they will start war and killing. That is the power controlling the dark side of the history. After my father’s death, part of the energy moved into me. I looked at the energy and tried to understand it. And, I realized. I was forty, then. I was awakened because I was able to surmounted the weakness of my spirituality. The power has made humankind blind. That was the power controlling the human world on the Earth of the past. Many violent deaths increased the energy and created more miseries.
First, I went to Naminoue Shrine after I arrived in Okinawa. Next place I visited was the Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters, which is now a sightseeing spot. On the way down to the underground, my companion showed a glazed look on her face. My companion and I came up to the ground and raised the ghost spirits that we gathered into the sky. I heard tourists’ insensitive conversation about the war and loud laughter behind us. I was angry, and my companion was too exhausted. Human ghost spirits are tenacious and clinging, which gods have eliminated as impurity. I was taught that the light alone cannot work for this without the purifying power of a human body. Part of the energy of the spiritual world can be dealt in the information system which originally belongs to the human body. Not only nerves but also the immune system is part of the physical information system.
The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters was sort of like a drill for my companion and me. I had visited the place before. Though I had not been awake, I had had certain level of ability against human ghost spirits. Also, I knew that not so many spirits were left there. It was the first purification of human ghost spirits conducted by revelation, but it was confirmed that ghost spirits were raised by norito (words).
After that, my companion and I visited Futenma Shrine to announce our shin-gyo (god work). There, I realized Okinawa and Japan were not connected in terms of shin-kai (the god world). Kekkai (sacred shield) of Nihon shin-kai (the Japanese god world) did not cover Okinawa. There was a reason why Okinawa had been one country until it was conquered by Satsuma. The fence of U.S. base was extending in the back of Futenma Shrine. The place was originally a sacred area of Futenma. I prayed standing infront of the fence.
Prithee, return the things which are god’s to god.
The reply, “Some day in the future.”, came through a line from the higher place. Futenma would be returned some day. That was what I got to know.
In Okinawa, the mainland was called Yamato. The relationship between ancient gods and people has continued, and a mediator such as a shaman or an oracle connects general people and another world. Utaki (sacred place) still exists for this purpose, and people who should have this role can spontaneously acknowledge this.
The mainland before Yamato court would have this kind of harmony. From certain point of time, however, as the number of those who were yorishiro (mediums) of gods decreased, the energy of mountains and rocks as the throne of gods got weaker. Divine area where mountains and rocks were located as energy points of spiritual world continued, but gods that were enshrined and shrines that were built were different from the ones that should have been there. The places have power to seal off old ones. Yamato did not establish their authority only with arms. They controlled also the spiritual world. That power did not reach Okinawa. If someone who did not know this system ill-advisedly enshrined Kumano Gongen at Naminoue Shrine, It did not meant to seal off gods. Okinawa was outside kekkai (sacred shield) of Japan.