The Final Knowledge (252)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

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(Book page 18~19)


In the year when three Japanese cedars at Hakusan shrine in Kaga fell, the system of god hidden in shin-kai (the god world) of this country finally started.
At the end of the summer of that year, I received a revelation that I had been waiting for. I was routed out of deep sleep by something like shock wave of light. A luminous ball penetrated my body, which woke me up, and a phrase “Come to Mt. Haku.” resonated in my head.
I was least. In a real mystical experience, the whole existence of myself who becomes least is placed in irresistible energy. There is no choice of YES or NO. However, when I returned to myself, I became skeptical. Evil energy accumulated on my neck, shoulders and waist while I was driving to Hakusan shrine. The more it accumulated, the more I became skeptical. As I realized the system, I was thinking how hard the way starting would be.
When I prayed to Mt. Haku at dusk, white light filled my head. This light was tender. There were no words, but I knew that all the necessary information was held in the light. The data of light will gradually become conscious in my head, and I will know what I have to do.
On return trip, my body was filled with rage. I found out where the force to retard what I should do came from. The source of the force might be all human beings. I felt a distinct will to suppress me. If I fail, I will die or go insane. I started thinking night and day from that day. I really knew it was like suicidal behavior to go into that world without a map. Something was missing to start the system of god.