The Final Knowledge (193)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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And, the correspondence knows all I have done. Though my companion and I have never given the information about shin-gyo (god work), that has rightly been known. That is also a proof.
Furthermore, the contents of the correspondence are consistent with what I have been taught and the vision of the story by “Futsunushi” on the connection between the beginning of the universe and god. That means this data about the myth of the beginning of the universe is in the center of the soul as long as the human beings are the children of god. Deep inside anybody has the data because the human mind is the mirror to reflect the universe, and the human body is the vessel of god.
The strong will woks here to let me and all the human beings know that by the phenomenon that the Earth prepared my companion’s sister and had her purely possessed by god.
One of the revelations that I have received is to prove as a witness that god is so simple that even small children, or rather the children, intuitively get the truth. The Earth prepared such an extraordinary thing in order to teach us that. The human soul has the structure in which the self-consciousness to live out the own life, the light consciousness, and the dark consciousness normally exist in parallel. When the light consciousness is strong, whether realizing it or not, human beings are guided by the inner voice and is trying to head for awakening. On the contrary, when the dark consciousness gets stronger, for example, they justify even their jealousy, make someone a bad person, and fall into the darkness cursed by god.
The self-consciousness leading the life has to decide whether heading for the light or the darkness, but the fallen human being cannot be aware of their responsibility. The power relationship of the spiritual world so far is the basic knowledge of almost all the religions on the earth. However, god and deities that are supposed to save human beings in the religions are also the combination of the light and the darkness, and they separate into the light and the darkness when they descend to the human world. Then, the concept of the salvation or the judgment will fundamentally be called into questions.
The light consciousness clearly knows that mitama (spirit) of god resides in human beings after shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth disappeares. Under the same condition, the dark consciousness goes to the other extreme. The dark side of the human souls on the Earth is coessential and forms a huge network. If it can control this darkness, it can be a god-like being. The dark consciousness pursues that.
Akebono (dawn) Light Correspondence repeatedly warns that. It says that a god-like ruler is the devil.
And, it says, “Human beings must not fight against the devil”.
“Seal the devil in ofuda (paper amulet)”
Ma (evil) will come after the devil”
The ofuda (paper amulet) described above is what I was made to learn how to make it at Hakusan shrine by the revelation. In other words, I am going to face the devil. It tells me that ma (evil) will appear after the devil is gone. I am going to face this one too. Because the ruler of the human world and the physical world on the Earth is ma-ou (the ruler of the ancient light and darkness), and I just call it the earth or this ground. That is what the covenant between the celestial sky and the ground is.

“if the presider of ma-kai (the evil world)
who is the master of the Earth
human beings will also
be awakened to the light”