The Final Knowledge (185)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

(Web page 18/26)
(Book page 293~295)

“It is right for them to leave when they complete their roles
Some wil leave into light
and others will learn human beings on the ground
The beings of shin-kai (the god world) are divided into two”

My master existence told me so.
Shin-kai (the god world) started moving toward its disappearance. I had to recover all the deity and light that I created. Even some of the beings coming out of me held on to their survival once they had the deity on the earth. If they stand on the ground, they will always get tainted. I became to know that.
Finally, I sent light, and I was released from the role to clean shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth.
The existence that had turned down my objection stopped giving the energy of light of the Earth. I saw the divine scheme in it. It does not exclude any possibilities. It just let them do if they want to. It never decides that they can not do from the beginning, but it tests first. If they fail, they can learn and leave by convincing themselves and start again. That is the same as the works of love which is in the origin of light.
Those who were given the book with the words of light, including my companion, were made to leave by this love. Even though they can overcome, their courage will be tested next. It is a great distance to reach the final divine justice. Essentially, the Earth is the place to learn those three things. The system of mitama (spirit) that shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth has created leaves here. Awakened human beings will take it over. The children of deities are not capable. Not the children of god nor deities, but the human children will take over the knowledge and ability of shin-kai (the god world).
Jesus already knew that. Existence of Jesus was necessary to prove god’s love. The god who used Jesus was not the almighty god, at the point of Jesus’ death. However, as the whole story, along with the human awakening, they head over to the discovery of the almighty god.
The Earth is the stage of the story.
When shin-kai (the god world) was disappearing, my companion’s sister was becoming a problem. I knew that my companion and her sister were made as the preparation of the Earth. I already wrote that my companion started to be used at the age of three. One body was not enough for the databank of the spiritual world on the Earth. So another vessel was made. There exists no human heart in the divine world. There is no physical body either. Naturally, it is cold and ruthless. It is human privilege to give a moan of pain from a physical body. And, it is also the privilege of human beings to have their physical bodies with the power of purification which even the beings of shin-kai (the god world) do not have.
One day, I received a revelation to make my companion’s sister ascend into light. I expressed my opposition again. I could not agree to use someone who was immature as a human being although it was shin-gyo (god-work).