The Final Knowledge (170)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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(Book page 258~260)

Rulers and subjects
Suppressers and the suppressed
Release the Earth
From this rule of power

I ordered to follow me and fight against the rulers. I unconsciously ordered. Also on that day, the sky showed an evil sign. Black clouds spread rapidly and wind blew. I was filled with anger which was not mine. A very few followers were there. There was nothing surprising about this. Seen from shin-kai (the god world), as ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) found me, I was only human. One of humans denied the ruler of the Earth. I must have looked like a fool.
Only a few followed but they had all the data of shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth. They said that shin-kai (the god world) has a pyramid structure. The summit god is on top, and hierarchy is in a group of conscious beings with the same deity. Furthermore, divine beings belonging to one shin-kai (the god world) use the name of their own shin-kai (the god world). It is no wonder that multiple beings using the same divine name possess people at the same time. They do not use names of other shin-kai (the god world), but beings of ma-kai (the evil world) use any names. They identify themselves as any names in a person’s consciousness like Jesus, Mary, and Buddha according to time and circumstances. In the knowledge of Japanese Shinto, there is a method to know the deity, which is called saniwa. However, a person who is saniwa cannot see the beings ranked higher than himself or herself in hierarchy. “Wanisaburo” must be able to perform it to some extent, through training, some of those who have acquired the knowledge of mitama-shizume (the repose of soul) and how to make kamigakari (divine possession), or chinkon-kishin (the meditation of spirit possession), used kamigakari (divine possession) to become a founder of a sect . They could obtain power to control people. However, they fell under the power they gained by using it. This is so silly.
Humans do not know about ma-kai (the evil world) more than shin-kai (the god world). They do not know that those two worlds share most of the knowledge. Or they know about it but they want to believe that they can use it. Right things of shin-kai (the god world) are useless in gaining benefits in this world. The knowledge on the Earth informs that a fate like Jesus crucified is waiting. It seems safer for them to take the rulers’ side on this land. If there is no Judgment. If souls are mortal. And if there is no assumption of the only god responsible for it. Those who expect the power on the premise of those do not take you to the spiritual world. They lead you to the world of the human mind darkness or the world of human ghosts after death. Those belong to the human world but not the spiritual world that I mean.
The human world and the spiritual world are coupled mirrors. The deities that fear ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) just symbolize a corresponding group of people in the human world. Humans face their lives to ignore Judgment that has been announced. That is also a system. That can be a divine scheme.
Humans have talked about god and shin-kai (the god world) too much in their shallow human knowledge. They believe too much that they know about them. The story of “Futsunushi” is at the heart of the data of shin-kai (the god world). “Futsunushi”, the divine sword, is not staying on this ground to protect “Amaterasu” in Ise for 1500 years. The existence has been the divine sword since the beginning of the world. It has been waiting.