The Final Knowledge (166)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 379~381)

Eventually, I started to understand the law of ma-kai (the evil world). In order to maximize its energy, they use fear giving to the human mind and the physical pain in reality. The stronger this force gets, the more negative energy the humans emit. Here, I use the term, negative energy, instead of darkness because it turns everything in negative. This negative energy is projected outward. It is not directed to ma-kai (the evil world) which is a victimizer but it is exerted on right ones as agression.
Domination and oppression.
What comes out of those is evil power. The stronger pressure brings more of it. It is obvious when you see the human history. It does not matter if the domination is in the name of god or of human ideal, but under a strong dominator, humans automatically offer a sacrifice. By making the weak even weaker, the strong becomes stronger. Unless humans realize this inner attribute, they will not be released from god nor devil. They do not think that they are wrong. They do not think that they can fight because they are weak. Only those thoughts can make them stay under the control of ma-kai (the evil world). When they deny their own divinity, they become sheep that do not think following after a shepherd, who could be an icon, the name of god, or state authority.
God used to treat people as sheep. A number of kings and rulers, who believed that they inherited the throne of god, treated the people as sheep rather than humans. And the sheep get rid of other sheep that think for the protection of themselves. This is partly right in terms of biological law. However, that will be wrong if sheep hold a vector that they become the ones who think within.
Humans can put their knowledge outside the body. Not only the information in DNA, but the knowledge placed outside is studied by generations to come into new, which yields new culture and technique, and change life. That also accelerates changes in DNA which defines the form of human existence.
As long as humans, in the BIble term, had the fruit of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, it is impossible to alter this vector.
Deities became evil without light and were skewered in my companion. The very things which the deities did using her body revealed the nature of that the divine knowledge controlled humans. I realized. Why the Judgment is required. Why I am made to answer every single hope of this ground. Why it is kept secret until everything ends.
Endless travel in ma-kai (the evil world) continued. Every time my companion was possessed by something, she denied my master existence. She seemed that she could not help doing so. The force beyond the controlling power of her consciousness made her speak. Before I reached the pinnacle of anger, she dropped complaining of a headache and other symptoms. After that, my turn came. I explored, understood and eliminated. I spent several hours a day for that. When I finished cleaning, she woke up. This happened almost every day. My shin-gyo (god-work), or the cleaning of this ground, continued with no end, and my surroundings seemed to get worse. Two years passed, and three years passed since my awakening. One day around the end of 1994, a revelation came.