The Final Knowledge (263)

Chapter One

【The System of Japan】

(Web page 12/35, p18)
(Book page 44~46)

I understood the meaning of the revelation, “Come to Okinawa as kami.”
There is something that cannot be done by a human being, or someone who executes a god’s order. Shin-kai (the god world) has deity like a person has a character. In order to have contact with gods and undertake a role in shin-kai (the god world), the deity is necessary. I seemed to climb up the stairs of shin-kai (the god world). Accordingly, my companion’s promising ability was developed all at once. My perceptual ability was also increased. Not only “Ise-Amaterasu” engaged in this shin-gyo (god work). “Sasura” was involved for ooharae (purification). Nichiren, who is a Buddhist, was there. I recognized Nichiren was wake-mitama (child-spirit) of “Ise-Amaterasu”. I could glimpse the crisis of Ise in that period from his way of living that he learned at Mt. Hiei, chose the Lotus Sutra, protected Japan, and try to save the world. The Lotus Sutra inherited part of the knowledge of Christianity, or, the Bible. He was a Buddhist who chose god rather than Buddha, if unconsciously. Also, my grand father and father were there. They were wake-mitama (child spirit) of “Ise-Amaterasu”. I realized that they were pulled out of human rei-kai (the ghost world) to shin-kai (the god world), and they were there.
Next day. My companion and I were in a white tower in Peace Memorial park. Some kind of statue was placed there. The revelation said I should start from here, but I felt something was wrong. Nothing came through. The light, which should have reached here, did not come. I stopped praying and thought. I had been told the first thing was a tower. However, nothing was there. Preparation should have been made but was not. Without the light, I could not raise so many ghost spirits. I had been taught my actions would make a path of light. However, the path of light was not made yet. Why? This time, the number was far larger than the Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters. I had the brief thought that I had to cancel or interrupt. At that moment, I recalled uta (verse) of “Ise-Amaterasu”.

U tsu ku shi ki shi ro ki ya ma
da i se n
ka mi ga mi no shi ro ki ya ma
i ma to na ri
fu ta ri ta chi nu

Uta (verse) of gods implies a lot of meanings. This uta (verse) was it. The information included in this was following.
da i se n → the world war
i ma to na ri → now
u tsu ku shi ki shi ro ki ya ma → mysterious white mountain
ka mi ga mi no shi ro ki ya ma → white mountain that gods use
fu ta ri ta chi nu → two people stand
It is hard to describe them in words. This is a kind of pattern recognition, and it is instantaneously understood. Also, it is not an action of consciousness where doubts arouse in a human sense. Summarized meanings are as follows. A white mountain is standing at the place where divine power has not reached. That is the memorial tower of the world war. Use the tower as a mountain used by gods. Today, at this moment, two of you are standing there.
I realized that and rushed outside of the tower. I prayed toward the white tower. The light came. I confirmed with my companion. The light was there. Four characters, da i se n, were purposely emphasized and claimed our attention. That was the same way of giving messages as Ise.