The Final Knowledge

This is the translation of the book called “The Final Knowledge”. The original one is called “最終知識” (sa i shu-u chi shi ki) written in Japanese shown on this site. I hope this blog helps you to find what you are looking for.

The Final Knowledge (294)

Commentary 2
“” and “The Book of Life”

(Book page 618~619)

The year of 1999. In the year of the end of the 20th century, with the direction from my master existence, “Place the knowledge in midair”, the preparation of “” which is an online portal for shinlogy started. I once asked a question to my master existence because I thought it would be overburdened to start “” while I was writing “The Final Knowledge”. I received a clear answer with 3 key words which are “proof”, “to exist” and “request from the ground”. I took it that I must leave the proof of the start in 1999, and I decided to launch “” before the completion of “The Final Knowledge”. In 2005, after the scheduled period finished in a sense, I was told to be in public. Now I can confess that my life was in danger three times only in 2005. My master existence and I already knew that there were bug-like flows in the program prepared on the Earth, but crises repeated. I reconfirmed that this occurs for sure when deities use human beings.
The deities have already lost both capacity and power for being above human beings. Nevertheless, when the character to use human beings is linked with fanatic arrogance inside the human consciousness, human failure is translated into the fault of the high beings in the spiritual world. As the human beings who were brought to me to use by deities had more or less this fault, I had to teach how to live as a human being before having them work for god.
The essence of the theme “the final judgment” given to the spiritual world of the Earth 2000 years ago is the spectacular story in which the spiritual beings who correct the divine fault and awake on the Earth encounter the development program which has been prepared since the beginning of this physical universe. “The Final Knowledge” tells that the one that had prepared this development program before the beginning of the universe is my master existence. What that existence work onto the Earth through me is to perform the promise of the past faithfully. We do what have been promised. You too perform what you promised in the past. Put simply, that is “the final judgement”. To move to the next stage. To leave for the dark field. You, the main character of your soul, can chose. This is all my master existence says. That is why it is said “The Book of Life” will newly be created in the closing chapter of “The Final Knowledge”.
“Make a covenant with the name of your current living soul. Then, your soul will go through the ordeal and time, and you will finally reach the light universe…”