The Final Knowledge

This is the translation of the book called “The Final Knowledge”. The original one is called “最終知識” (sa i shu-u chi shi ki) written in Japanese shown on this site. I hope this blog helps you to find what you are looking for.

The Final Knowledge (293)

Commentary 1
Shinlogy and The Final Knowledge

(Book page 616~617)

As this book tells you, the term “shinlogy” was prepared ahead of time with the title of a book “The Final Knowledge” and was delivered to a person whose name was Seki Tetsuo at the end of the 20th century. Personally, I am not aware of having created the term “shinlogy”. In order to open the next era after religion, the term was prepared to be placed on the Earth. This explanation of my master existence is everything.
Also, including the title of this book “The Final Knowledge”, the theme given to me as the writer of this book was neither the method of the science of religion to take human spiritual practice as an extension of the past religious culture to explain, nor the method of medicine and physiology to take the spirit as psychological phenomenon and brain function, but the motive towards the activities that the spirit itself is the subject to learn.
“Shinlogy” is the new horizon of knowledge to try to respect the reasonability and understand the essence of spiritual activities with rational thought, if not scientific viewpoint.
Nobody will disagree with my standpoint where law and reproducibility are absolute requirements not only for science but for the subject of learning. And, it was these law and reproducibility that I have kept confirming in the process of writing this book which had been titled “The Final knowledge” in advance. At least I and people around me observed those law and reproducibility and confirmed the fact that the certainty of the information of the energy field called the spiritual world which can be deduced by the human knowledge was beyond the past religious mythology. To put it plainly, at the beginning, direct contact to brain from the spiritual world was limited to me. However, after I was informed that the contact is naturally possible to the human brain, another contact to the brain of my companion who has a different personality started. Mythically, suppose I am the first one and my companion is the second one, the number of human beings with the same type of capability will increase exponentially. And, this is turning into reality. That is because the human brain was given the evolutional vector to that direction and exists. This explanation made by my master existence is the answer for everything.
Human beings, the species of living thing that has been conscious, are entering into the era described above. Then, they must reaffirm the god and deites that are deeply involved in shaping human history and the overall picture of the religious system which has been the delivery method of the information from god and deities. The symbolized word for it is “the last judgement”. And, the titel of this book, “The Final Knowledge”, is a guide to the universe after “the last judgment”. I am informed that there is a will of the existence that has started the universe there. A genre of shinlogy is a new field for the souls that hope to evolve beyond the religious era of oppression and slaughter.