Those who do not know that 

they are (or become) vessels of judgment 

And those who do not know that 

they continue to look for a savior 

outside of themselves. 

And those who gave up their existence 

to receive benefits from somebody, 

they have submitted their existence.  

That is the ethics of the sheep. 

In their existences, 

Judgments, decisions, and actions 

based on their own thoughts 

are missing.

A leader, it is called. 

To those who believe that as their authority 

following it, pushing forward it,  

Those who have abdicated their responsibility 

in their own heads (judgments). 

It’s the logic (ethics?) of sheep. 

For those who break the rope,

 2000 year long spell 

and stand on their own feet, 

they have the right to participate in 

the age called the Son of Man.

For those who understand the meaning

 of the end of the religious age 

and what is intended by some kind of will (or program)

 imprinted in what is called “soul” within them, 

the entry to participate in the new age

 is imprinted in their soul. 

Until these days are past, 

my words shall have power 

for those who desire eternal life  

And to those who desire eternal life 

Your good testimony 

that is called 

Shall be burned in the fire 

In the burning fire of refinement 

and shall be tempered. 

That's all for today.

To stand on your own feet... 

How much courage, will, and justice it takes.

You will realize how shallow it is 

to keep looking outside yourself for a savior.