Ghosts of the Nazis (Vol.520)


Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election to be held in the United States of America this November 8, 2016, there has been a transmission from the spiritual world that the ghost of the Nazis or a psychic being that made Hitler into a psychic will be recognized by human society.
Considering that the Nazis were, in a sense, a complete cult and that their guru was a man named Hitler, it would not be surprising if the spiritual entity that used Hitler as a vehicle were to resurface at any time, but it is also reported that at the end of the German Third Reich, Hitler did something to relocate the Nazis to the United States.

As the interaction between Hitler and Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of the two Presidents, is well known, there have long been rumors of a hidden Nazi network in the United States. However, the ghosts of the Nazis this time will have an influence on those who have a black desire to destroy the world, regardless of the past, and will work in such a way that some political statement will expand into a social movement that will become the hope of many people.

In the situation where that being was riding on Hitler, the German Third Reich was said to have won a series of wars, and whether what Hitler himself called “that fellow” while he was terrified was an evil spirit or a demon. We may soon find out.
When you find out, many of you will understand that human history is not the result of the desires of those in power to justify what they believe in their minds, as materialists would like you to believe.

Hitler was a fanatic. So was Stalin. Both of them left a lot of death in the history. If we add Franklin D. Roosevelt as another kind of fanatic, we can dimly see the background of the atrocities of World War II.

It is a bloody story of monotheism, the Bible and the Jews, set in a world spanning over 2000 years. Why did Japan, an island nation in the Far East, have to appear as one of the main characters in this story?
The journey of knowledge that I have been on since 1991, at the request of the Spiritual world, has been to find the answer to this question in the history of the world.

In fact, in order for humanity to be liberated from the problems of monotheism, nothing can be started without knowledge from the gods of the pre-biblical era.
The Japanese archipelago is the place where all this data is stored, and because the vibrations of the Japanese language serve as a password for the analysis of information placed in heaven and earth, only the Japanese who are prepared to read the data can read it.

Then, if we calmly consider what is beginning in 2016, we can say that this year marks the beginning of the end of the American civilization that has lasted until now, and that the result of the search for the Kingdom of God that the Christian idealists aimed for was the intensification of the conflict between the sects of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam within monotheism, and the apocalypse of the world.

The Nazis completely destroyed Europe once and for all. The worst-case scenario is that the United States will be destroyed like the European continent once was.
Whichever of the male and female candidates running for the presidency wins, it is unlikely that a united America will be restored.

If whoever was riding on Hitler’s coattails becomes involved in this, a great change will begin in this world. What lies ahead is the realization of the biblical promises of material survival or spiritual survival.  In such an era, what kind of position will each Japanese person take in life? How will the nation of Japan face the world? It could be said that for the first time in history, we are faced with a choice.



November 3, 2016

Seki Tetsuo




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