go beyond this universe

Vol.800+30+12 The Bible, the Chronicles, the Final Knowledge


At the end of this 2022 year period, I shall once again disclose what I have been informed of and what I have been made to do. 
That is, the Bible, the Kojiki and the Nihon-Shoki, commonly called the Ki-Ki (Chronicles), and the book given the name of the Final Knowledge are a series. By reading the Bible, the Kiki, and the Final Knowledge in chronological order, you will run out of time in your life before you reach the divine truth.

People on earth are still under the illusion that they may be able to know the future through human knowledge, but the knowledge that can be attained with human knowledge is limited to the past, even to the beginning of time. On the contrary, if you read the final knowledge first, then the Kiki, then the Bible, you will notice something that human history shows. You can see why, on this planet today, a group of humans who can rewrite past history to justify their existence controls most humans.

I have the experience of continuing to ponder, and one day coming into contact, in the position that if God exists, we can reach beyond perfect logic.
Unfortunately, what we now call the religion of the earth is nothing more than a failure of this logic, which has nevertheless persisted to this day because of the common illusion of human groups.

With a certain purifying power in your thinking and contemplation, you can meet the Lord Jesus, for example, if you are a Christian, or the Buddha, if you are a Buddhist, and ask for direct teachings. Shinlogy, in fact, only teaches this simple starting point for contemplation. What dwells in many humans who feel repulsed by this is entity of consciousness called Devil in this world.And those who know the correct history will tell you that never in the past has a demonic consciousness inhabited and manipulated human beings as it has in this age.

That is the condition under which the promised referee happens.
Look closely at the current knowledge of the human world. Or study the direction of human inspiration called creators.
You’ll find that intellectual interest is for the past, not the future.
In other words, even if unconsciously, human beings are conscious in the direction of reckoning with the past. This is the state of consciousness in the age of Judgement.

The new type of human beings of the future should be able to re-create, on their consciousness, the next earth and universe, having finished learning the 2,000 years of time since the time of Jesus, in a short period of 20 years.
They are not born innocent, but by studying the spiritual history of the earth, they are reborn innocent and work in society. This is the program of this world behind the fact that a small percentage of Christians have met the Lord Jesus and heard the words “You are me. I am you.”

No matter how false human history continues to be told, the true history is stored in the database of the spiritual world, and when the light shines on it, it is activated.

This simple law of the universe will now be rediscovered by the Japanese, and eventually it will be transmitted to the rest of the world. The global pandemic of the coronavirus is proving that shedding occurs at the genetic level, but the human unconscious is not only in the lower levels, but also in the upper levels. It is this optical document that has continued to transmit the movement to renew the spiritual world that is underway in the upper layers. And from this point forward in space-time, the speed of realization of the information transmitted by this light document will be dramatically accelerated.

In the coming 2023 years, many people will feel that the curtain has opened on the Age of Judgment and will try to change. The future shape of this universe is the universe of light.



Seki Tetsuo

December 29, Shinki 2nd (2022)