Vol.800+30+63 144,000 people.


At the beginning of the seventh chapter of Revelation in the Bible, there is a description of 144000 people who were sealed by God. Apparently, this marking was finished in December of 2023, so this is the report.
What is important is that the four angels of heaven keep the wind down on all sides of the land, so that it does not blow on the earth, the sea, or all the trees, and the angel who makes the seal tells them, “Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.”,and the number of those who have made the mark is a definite number, 144000.
From here, the content of the figure, which was delivered to me one morning in December, indicated that out of 144000 people, 120,000 people are currently living in the Japanese archipelago and 24000 people are marked in the rest of the world.

The story of the last 0.01percent, which has been passed down in Japan, has become a reality here. The current population of Japan is about 120 million, and 0.01% of that is 120,000 people.
The Bible refers to all the people of Israel, which may mean that many of the lost 10 tribes and others live on the Japanese archipelago today.
When I started Shinlogy Association , heaven or God told me that there was no human being who could understand Shinlogy  only at the ratio of 0.01%, but here I see another divine will.

To be clear, the time will begin when the wind will blow upon the earth, upon the sea, and upon every tree. And it means that most of the people who have the seal of God on their foreheads are living as Japanese on the present Japanese islands. That’s why I published a book titled “The Japanese are the Saviors. ” If they didn’t wake up soon, the crisis would get bigger, but apparently the timing of the Japanese awakening was lost. Because at this juncture, this communication shows that the Last Judgment is fully ready.

From now on, on this earth, there will be some effects on the ground, on the sea, on all the trees. It’s probably going to be an epic story of moving towards the end of the current human era.
At this juncture, the Japanese God Oomononushi is fully awakened and reports the completion of the hell that most human souls should fall into, and the report of the 144000 people  should be seen as a set.

The reason why these reports continue at this time is that the world is moving in a direction that will end the era of capitalism, which is an economic system derived from monotheism.
The first to face this collapse is China, the Communist Party, which studied the Japanese bubble and realized the economic growth model based on the land bubble, and Wall Street in the United States, which can be said to have taught its policies, will be on its way. There is no hope for the current model of the world economy.

It means that the earth has reached a crisis due to the human economy operated by capitalism derived from monotheism, including the destruction of the environment. This will come true, and at worst, humans will hear the song of doom. And yet the 144,000 people have been sealed shall live the next age.

Mikuni (the Kingdom of Heaven) is the world beyond. I have  reported many times that the God of the Bible has already taken charge and left, but a holy prophecy is not finished until it is actualized. For this reason, I reported previously that Fatima also came true, and now we are telling you that Revelation has come true.

In that sense, this Christmas of 2023 could be said to be a special day.



Seki Tetsuo

December 21, Shinki 3rd (2023)