Would you like to be a God-man?

以下は霊性時代Vol.15 神人になりませんか。 の英訳です。

On February 11, 2006, the dawn of a new era will be proclaimed. This article is going to be a preview of the contents.
The Final Knowledge was written to convey that all things are based on reason. By “reason,” I mean that people who think rationally can understand. I am in a position to tell you from the side of divine knowledge. I wonder how much humanity is able to know from the side of human knowledge.

In the U.S., a man named Noam Chomsky has been deeply researching the relationship between human language and the brain. In Japan, a man named Shinichi Nakazawa has taken over the work of Lévi-Strauss and is continuing to study the ancient history of spirituality.

In simple terms, the human brain evolved rapidly during the Neolithic period. This is because the humans had language. On the human knowledge side, you would think that humans invented language, and on my side, the explanation would be that humans were given language.

It is also recognized from the standpoint of the study of human knowledge that at this time, the human brain was able to make contact with the spirit of nature and the gods. Later, the relationship with the gods ceased due to the overwhelming religious energy of monotheism, the one absolute God.

According to human knowledge, the spirits of the land in the process of unifying regions and tribes were killed by the deities who brought the next civilization. And the deities were killed by the monotheistic Gods. Furthermore, the Gods of the monotheistic religions were also killed by science, and now the human brain is in a transitional period of self rediscovery. This is the culmination of human knowledge of study.

The Final Knowledge conveys the same thing, but from the side of God and the gods. The only difference is that God and gods are not mortal beings. The only difference is that the gods and goddesses are not mortal beings, they do not die, but they have been sealed away. The model of the world that will come after the process of Judgment is that the seal of the God and the gods will be broken and the age of being with human beings will come.

Mioya-Sama is the archetype of human language, which is should be called Mikoto-oya, the deity of the source of language. Without words, all stories could not be created or imagined. As I understand it, Chomsky knew that the language of humanity has a common mother. It is only when human beings know that on the side of divine knowledge it is called by the name “Mikoto-Oya,” which means parent of the word, that the re-contact between human beings and God and the gods begins….

It is a contact that has been cut off for three thousand years, but human beings are also the Son of God, the Son of Mioya. The human brain is the place where human consciousness and the consciousness of God and the gods come into contact and work together. Isn’t it amazing that the human brain has that capacity today? I still feel that it is a tremendous story.



Seki Tetsuo

February 10, 2006