Where This World Is Going (Vol. 412)


In countries other than Japan, especially in the monotheistic world, the image of Armageddon is rapidly emerging in the subconscious of people living in those countries and regions.
Not only in the Christian Bible, but also in Islam, the vision of the apocalypse is being transmitted, and it is set in the region that is now controlled by a group that calls itself the Islamic State.

Prophecies and predictions have a strong effect on the human subconscious mind. And there are groups of people who maliciously aim to make them a reality in this world.  Human beings have a kind of intuition that they are being manipulated by someone or something. Historically, these manipulators have been called gods or demons.

Today, the manipulators include dominant human groups, extraterrestrial consciousnesses, and even what we call alien life forms, so that even materialists cannot deny the existence of someone who controls human consciousness.  From the standpoint of Shinlogy, where the field of spiritual energy exists as a precursor to the material world, these may all be parallel realities of their own worlds.

However, there should be no prophecy in the lore of monotheistic religions that humanoids of a different type from earthlings like us will come into contact with each other in a secret place like Area 51 in the U.S. to form the next era.

And although there have been reports of UFO sightings and contacts in the Japanese archipelago, there have been no reports of any kind of UFO base. Those kinds of information always appear in combination with advanced military technology in the human world.

At least from the point of view of the beings who transmit information to me, everything, including them, are things that belong to humans. This brings me to the topic of time and space that I am being taught.

Suppose there is a path to space-time, say, a future of Light. It is a universe of Light that we have been promised that our souls will eventually reach.

If there was a time machine technology, would beings in that Light Universe try to contact the past? The law of cause and effect is a set with time.

Spiritual evolution requires the material universe as the site of this growth story, and the human body as the vessel for the soul to move and think in that world. All life in the material universe is programmed to come to consciousness.

The material composition of the earth is arranged in a delicate balance to produce such life. In the present horizon of knowledge, where human beings are beginning to understand these things, the worldview of religion, which has played a role in guiding human beings in the past, should be programmed to end its role.  That is, in a way, an advance notice of the apocalypse.

The human soul, as Son of God, does not need to return to this absurd stage of learning, such as the present earth, if it has completed its studies.
If you consider that each individual microcosm is also a parallel universe, you should be able to understand in theory that it is human consciousness that will bring about the Last Judgment, as I have repeatedly mentioned.

However, in order to live in groups, humans have evolved civilization, almost forgetting the importance of the existence of each individual microcosm.

The meaning of the Gospel as I know it is that the role of monotheism on earth was to let the whole world know that everyone has the possibility to face God on a one-to-one basis, just like Jesus and Muhammad.

We are engaged in spiritual activities so that everyone can encounter God and take responsibility for the history that God and man have made. The world should be moving in the direction of this awakening in the future.

Behind those who run the nation is someone against the Light who are trying to prevent this awakening and keep themselves alive.
The day, and the hour, will come when this will be seen by many people.



October 17, 2014

Seki Tetsuo