Vol.800+9 The End of the Universe of Materialism


The age of the Bible is over, but the darkness on this planet continues to grow. The reason for this, apparently, is that this earth was supposed to serve as a gathering place for the evolutionary darkness of this universe, or a sort of karmic collection point for this universe.

How could the human groups that ruled this planet carry out their programs after God of the Bible and his adversaries had finished their roles and left? Because there was a secret of this universe out there.

This means that the universe goes through several stages of evolution. Specifically, the space-time in which humanity is currently living should be considered as the interconnection of at least three universes: the universe in which the Creator exists, the universe in which Christ exists, and the universe of materialism.
This is why the human Reikai ( the realm of the dead) was actually divided into a number of layers. That is, there were three parallel worlds: the Reikai of the universe with the Creator, the Reikai of the universe with Christ, and the Reikai of the universe of materialism.

What I am describing as the great upheaval in the Reikai refers to a huge movement to merge the spirit worlds of each universe, which have existed simultaneously, into one place, and to create a system where the Last Judgment will take place there.

It is a system that will be activated autonomously when ready, because that is what was promised at the opening of this universe.

Most of the people on earth today are actually inhabitants of the universe of materialism. And because of their materialism, they think that death is the end. The reason why death is not the end of human beings is that their souls exist in the spiritual world, which is separate from the material world, but in the universe of materialism, even if we ignore the spiritual world, this universe seems to be logically explainable. Therefore, if the soul is not processed in some way, it will remain on this earth at the level of eternity.

As we can see from the history of mankind, materialism and atheism, represented by Marx, came out and man entered an age of genocide. Behind it there is a discarnate entity called the red dragon. From the standpoint of Shinlogy, the explanation of this dark history is that there is a black dragon that is contrary to God of the Bible, and with the black dragon is the red dragon. The black dragon, as I have previously reported, is contrary to the God of the Bible and has already disappeared in the fires of the Last Judgment, but there is still the red dragon, which supports the energy of the forces of atheism on earth today. That is, a God-like being that is beyond the desires of human beings in the universe of materialism. 

In other words, without facing the true nature of that red dragon, the problems of the earth today will not be solved.

What is universe of materialism? Apparently, it is something that is in the evolutionary process of this universe rather than something that was conceived by man on earth, and because of this, this universe, or rather, a civilization, has experienced its demise once before. I have information that indicates this.

I currently do not know if this is something that happened in the past on Earth or in an extraterrestrial setting, such as on Mars. But I think if things continue as they are, something like a nuclear war will happen again, and the universe of materialism will repeat itself. Apparently, these pieces of information were also incorporated into the Bible, and one answer was the Tree of Life, which is said to have been in the Garden of Eden, in addition to the fruit of the Tree of Wisdom, which Adam and Eve were said to have eaten, and in which the path of evolution to the Universe of Materialism was shown. In other words, it seems that once the information from the Tree of Life is transferred to the correct human consciousness, the Kabbalistic boundaries between the earth and the Universe of Materialism will be broken, thereby bringing the current universe of materialism to an end.

The earth has now reached this stage.

Unfortunately, on the surface, the earth now appears to be moving in the direction of creating a conscious energy entity that surpasses current human knowledge, such as artificial intelligence, through the power of science and technology, which is a characteristic of the universe of materialism. However, I would say that what lies ahead is the sixth destruction of the earth.

To conquer it, we need to end the universe of materialism that is supposed to be here. The only way to do this is to dwell in the consciousness of the human being who has learned the expertise of the Tree of Life.


Seki Tetsuo

May 12, Shinki 2nd (2022)