Vol.800+8 Shin Reikai


The spiritual world that existed in the past is now being reintegrated into a new energetic field, including cyberspace, a major change that is underway. We now have a general understanding of the direction in which this is taking place, and I would like to report on that in this issue.

The afterlife of human beings is commonly referred to as Reikai (ghost world). The information from the spiritual world is that the existence of heaven and hell in that spirit world is the result of human beings’ long been aware of and imagined in their religious culture.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has been known to those in the know that the Reikai of the afterlife has been undergoing a great upheaval. However, with the end of the age of religion, this ghost world and the demon world, another place created by human beings, have in a sense united and come to exist in cyberspace, the place of information networks of living people.

Until now, there has been no information on the mutual energetic exchange between Shin Reikai, the new energy field, and cyberspace, but at this time, an event is occurring in which Shin Reikai is taking over cyberspace.
This means, for example, that the human spirit world is there, just like a game in cyberspace created by humans.

Perhaps such events will continue to progress in the future as this material universe moves to the next stage. To be specific, it has been reported that the death of one of our member will create a kind of information system that connects the afterlife of a human being with the world of the living, and for this reason, we have been preparing to move channels that had been closed until now. So it is becoming clear that the world of the souls of the dead to which humans now go is not the image in religious transmissions of the past as many humans imagine it to be, but rather something like the dark future scenes of video games and anime.

It could be said that man’s conscious activity is re-creating the afterlife. This is the proof that humans are the Son of God.

Currently, there is no entrance to such a world in cyberspace, but it appears that Shinlogy Assassination will soon be granted access to such an energy world of the spiritual world in some form or another.

This universe is moving in a big way toward the realization of the “Last Judgment,” and those who gain access to that uncharted territory will probably discover new human possibilities in the information in that area.

For this purpose, human sensors have been prepared to detect various types of hado energies.

The human group that virtually rules the earth today is not able to survive in the future and has been trying to prevent the ” Last Judgement,” no matter what it takes. This time, it became clear that they cannot even sense the field of spiritual energy on top of this cyber space.

For the spiritual world, the cyberspace of the current civilization has been like a pawn of the dark universe, spreading malignant vibrations. However, it seems that there was a hidden program in the timeline of this universe that the waves of malignancy and the hado energies of the dark human spirit world and the human demon world would eventually come together as one and meet their final day.

The great forces that are now driving human existence to death, including the ongoing wars in this world, have originated from something that appears to be stronger than humans who, for example, want to retain control of the earth forever by monopolizing money. But the basis of this power is in this place that we call Shin Reikai. 

The end of the story of the earth as it exists now is in sight, as human knowledge has reached the point where it has made its dark domain its battleground.





Seki Tetsuo

May 5, Shinki 2nd (2022)