Vol.800+7 Memory of Darkness


The Russian invasion of Ukraine in the year 2022 symbolically shows what forces are driving the people living on the earth today. That power is the vengeance that the Spear of Longinus is said to possess. The young Adolf Hitler was the one who reacted strongly to the Spear of Longinus, which is said to have wounded Jesus on the side of the cross.

What haunts the Russian leadership today is the intense feeling that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a revenge against the United States and its allies who lost the war in the name of the Cold War, and a desire to regain as much ground as possible. Similarly, on the Ukrainian side, there is a strong stirring of vengeance for the killing of millions of Ukrainians on the orders of Stalin in the Soviet Union, an event that has continued since the loss of Crimea in 2004, and they believe they have the right to fight. This desire for vengeance is the key to understanding the dark side of human history. The words “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” placed on this earth indicate that the right of vengeance is fundamental to human culture.
By renouncing that right of vengeance, the God of the Bible has succeeded in casting the Lord  of Darkness, once put to the sword but defeated, into the fires of the Last Judgement, along with himself.

The war that is occurring on earth today is not a war of light versus dark, but a war of darkness versus darkness. In order to end it, humans themselves must know the source of the dark history of mankind and have the ability to deal with it.
Shinlogy is nothing more than a system of learning to develop that ability. 

The so called God of the Bible in the system of Japan divided his conscious energy into the following consciousness bodies after the crucifixion of Jesus. They are Amatsuki, the deity who created the entire program, Prince Shotoku, described in the Chronicles as Umayadonomiko, and the Hachiman God of Usa, created by the failure of the image of Jesus’ second coming due to Shotoku’s death.  

It can be said that the energy that was present at the beginning was a vengeful spirit.
In other words, the God of the Bible was indeed initially a god of warfare.
And it seems that the God of this narrative universe was also widely recognized in the spiritual world as one who could exercise his right of vengeance. Consider that this narrative universe is programmed for an eternal battle between light and darkness.
The dark history on earth is not the only record of that battle. Data from those pasts existed in what I call the dark universe.

As a result of the transmission of information by the earth that the “Last Judgement” is being executed throughout the universe, data from all areas of the universe where this information is transmitted is being directed to the earth. This is the state of affairs in 2022.

Within that information system, there seems to be data about this universe and a time-space that is not currently recognized.
So I am becoming aware of the possibility that the emergence of a human consciousness capable of this “Last Judgement” may reveal the true nature of this universe itself.

In “The Final Knowledge,” we are told that “even God is only a process,” and that we humans should believe that we have the ability to finish learning this cosmic theme and finish the story by accessing the realm of God’s conscious energy.

If this aspect is not understood, I would say that human beings, as agents of some other entity, will continue their revenge drama endlessly. As I have already told you many times, the Japanese archipelago and the Japanese people have chosen not to exercise their right of revenge for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

This means that it is time to reiterate this to the world. On top of that, we need to find the correct laws of the material universe in order to create a path to end the program that leads this world to destruction. This is the path beyond the Buddha in the sense that human knowledge knows the laws of the universe, and a spiritual Japanese language brain is required to develop the ability to think for this purpose.
Unless you know this dark memory of the universe correctly, you will not be able to see that path. Humans have already come to a fork in the road.



Seki Tetsuo

April 28, Shinki 2nd (2022)