Vol.800+6 Red and Black


The year 2022 seems to be a critical turning point for the current global civilization.

In fact, there is one piece of information that I have not dared to describe so far. It is that Karl Marx, the originator of Marxism, whose ideology is still believed to be scientific by many people, is a man who made a pact with the devil. And there are beings who taught this to Adolf Hitler, and apparently these antagonistic beings have their origins in the realm of the conscious energy of those behind this cosmic battle, rather than in the God of Earth.
If you look at the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia from this perspective, you will see it as a sort of preliminary battle in the final war between the Red and the Black.
The reason why I am making this disclosure at such a time is that as of this April, I have received some information that the Letzte Bataillon which Adolf Hitler prepared for the year 2039 in a magical way before the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, has been set in motion in this world.

The “Letzte Bataillon” means the last battalion,and while the name may remind many people of the Azov Battalion, known as the Neo-Nazis, in fact the Neo-Nazis are also on the Russian side. The owner of the mercenary company Wagner Group, who is said to be close to Putin, is known to be a Nazi follower, even using the composer Wagner’s name in the company’s name.
And this war between the Red and the Black will involve the whole world, including Europe, the United States, and even China, That is the biblical vision of the future.

Such a vision of the future also exists in Japan, and is represented in the documents of Hitsuku no Kami, which are becoming a reality in this world. The theme of these prophecies is that in some way or another, the present civilization will come to an end, and that in the year 2022, it will be on the consciousness of many people.
Beyond that, perhaps, is the threat of nuclear war. But it is the same whether it happens or not, from one perspective of a certain realm. Because the final war of the God of the Bible is already over, and that story should be projected into this material universe, so it should not be the worst story already.

For the age of the Bible to end, this conflict between the red and the black must bring out the true nature of the source of both of these consciousness energies, and both must be burned in the fires of the Last Judgment. If you know human history correctly, you will understand that neither the communists of the red forces nor the adherents of Nazism of the black forces received the support of the majority of human beings. However, the process by which these minorities came to power was a common one, a set of rules based on the use of violence and fear.

It is almost identical to the behavior of religious fanatics. To understand the mechanism of this fanaticism, it can be said that there has been dark history on this planet. 

I would say it is God’s responsibility to do so. There is a theme of learning in this narrative universe. And at least the divine being of the Bible has completed that learning. The symbol of that story can be called the sword of light. After the biblical divine being and his opponent, the god of Interest Rates, the ancient dragon, disappeared, all that was left in the place was the sword that held the light of the Last Judgment. I would like to reiterate my understanding of why this signifies the end of this story, as I suspect it is incomprehensible to most of humans. The reason this narrative universe is a universe of battles is that the Last Judgment has never happened. In a world where there is no one to judge righteously, power decides everything. This is the state of the world today.
Against this absurdity, it was the position of those who believed in God that the time of the Last Judgment, or “that day and hour,” would eventually come, and it was the position of the anti-Christ, or the one against God, to insist that such a day would never come.

The story has continued on a cosmic scale, and this is the space-time in which we exist. The earth has now reached the final stage of this story, and from now on, the things that have been promised or prepared in advance will occur one after another.
One of them is the Last Battalion prepared by Hitler, from which the true picture of the spiritual energy field behind that World War II should emerge. We are living here as witnesses to that.


Seki Tetsuo

April 21, Shinki 2nd (2022)


I have received correspondence in conjunction with this Hikarimonjyo (light document) and will post it below. (Original text was written in Japanese.)

Received on April 19th of the 4th year of Reiwa
from 14:54 ~


Don’t talk about God in vain. Or don’t blindly believe in God.
Truth can only be opened to those with true faith Or only he can endure.
Therein lies the answer to everything.

You have failed to come to that faith.
Or as those who mocked and laughed at the faithful,
you will be burned in the fire after the covenant.

For those who have faith
The light of judgment bears witness to courage
and hope And the mark of the covenant is justified.
The final hour has come.

(Icon of the Holy Cross)