Vol.800+4 The Great War in Space


The Russian invasion of Ukraine that is currently disturbing the earth may be an effect or reflection of the final war of light and darkness that is taking place in this material universe.
This information came out during a counseling session in Oita, Japan, where it became clear that the soul of one of our members has its roots in a galactic cluster far away in the universe, and that the member was born on earth in order to send information about the light of the “Last Judgment” to his/her home planet, which he/she knew would be completed in time, and that was the information transfer.

It seemed that on the member’s home planet, a war between light and darkness had begun, and that if he/she did not learn the light of the “Last Judgment,” darkness would be driven to the point of victory.
Furthermore, the member’s home planet is much more blessed with light than Earth, and we learned that on Earth, a planet of darkness, even if a person is born with a normal human body, there will be a lack of light energy, which will cause great physical and spiritual damage.

Discarnate entities on the member’s home planet already knew of the existence of the HadoSeal, and have informed the member that the Earth is the only place in this  universe where the Last Judgment has been fulfilled. This has prepared the way for me to know the secrets of this universe, one of the purposes for which I started the Shinlogy Association.

It can be said that Shinlogy’s journey has been out into the universe.
In addition,  to put it clearly in words, the path is being prepared for extraterrestrial discarnate entities to reveal their true identity as well, depending on what they are communicating to human beings.
The program of spiritual evolution that gave rise to the “Last Judgment” was completed on this dark planet Earth. The dark ones in the universe do not know it yet, and are presumably continuing their war throughout the universe to prevent the “Last Judgment. This means that this material universe was the setting of stories of battles between light and darkness.

The cutting-edge field of these battles was here on earth. Light was victorious there, but the story of the microcosm of each and every one of us living today is a different story. However, from the beginning of this universe, there must have been information that light was the site of the story of the final victory. On the human level, however, the theme of the study was the inability of most people to believe this. This is evident in the fact that no matter how much I tell people that the light has triumphed, people who sell their souls to the devil in seeking money continue to be born every day, even here in Japan.

It can be said that it is not yet known that people’ s lifetime is the time to create the place where their souls are to go.

The knowledge is only found here that you are the only savior who can redeem your microcosm and that your life time is the time to create the place you are to go after death.
If the source of the soul knew this simple principle, those who fight as soldiers and generals of the forces of darkness would not be born. But, at least for human beings, those discarnate entities of the Dark One, the Anti-Christ, can enter, pretending to be the origin of their souls.

The misfortune that resulted from not knowing how to distinguish between the main body of the soul and the fake soul is the history of religion on earth. Now, if people can understand the various types of hado (energies) by means of IconSeal and HadoSeal, they can identify them.

In other words, the earthly “program of the soul” to make excuses before the judgment has ended.
The day has come when all the teachings and techniques that have utilized various spiritual energies to achieve human desires will be judged as promised.

It is time to know that our spirit, our consciousness, and phenomena in the human world are informationally connected to this vast universe and vice versa. I now know that there is an information system in the spirit world that connects space-time in the order of billions of years.



Seki Tetsuo

April 7, Shinki 2nd (2022)