Vol.800+30+54 The New Human World


The human world on this planet is certainly beginning to disintegrate. The symbol of this will be the near-future story of what fate will befall the man-made nation of Israel and the United States, another man-made nation, as agents of the world’s ruling class.
The completion of the U.S. domination of the world seemed to have been achieved with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but the bursting of the bubble of Japan, which was emerging as a rival at that time, did not accelerate it, but rather repeated strategic mistakes that can only be thought of as someone flipping a switch in the age of post-America, leading to today’s The collapse of Japan’s bubble economy, which was becoming a rival to the U.S. at the time, did not accelerate the process.

Perhaps the source of the error was the current strategy of the world’s ruling groups to maintain control of the world, even in the age of post-America, by nurturing a Communist China, showing the world that the ruling class of China is not the same as the ruling class of America or Europe.
In this period of Chinese Communist Party growth, Japan lost its presence in the world with an economy that had forgotten its growth in the lost 30 years. Only one person, Abe Shinzo, made his presence known to the world in the field of politics when he was prime minister, but it was not even Japan’s national strategy, so after his death, everything is lost, and he is more strongly positioned as an American province than before.

If there is any hope for this fate of Japan, it is that it will not become a major participant in the scenario that is about to begin: the collapse of the capitalist economy and the corresponding World War III.
In fact, both the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Hamas attack on Israel were shinlogically foreboding of sorts. What it is, I will not describe it here, as I think we will find out in due course, is that there was an event in which a new information factor was added to the operation of the Shinlogy Association. It gives me the impression that the whole schedule I’ve been conveying is accelerating further.

According to monotheistic teachings, human souls do not reincarnate and will all be judged at the time of the Last Judgment. All of them were gathered together in one place called hell, and a situation was created in which there were many people who could contact its inhabitants. Apparently, this was the form of human existence at the time of the Last Judgment, where humans acquired the ability to contact gods and deities, demons and evil spirits, the spirit world, and hell.
This changes the way of being of the Ignorant One, which has been the concept of the human being so far. The age of the ignorant and the blind will end, and human beings will become knowable.

It was actually Japanese Shintoism that heralded this age of the knowable ones, and now the Japanese have reached the Yaoyorozu that has been handed down to them. In other words, we should consider that human beings have been able to ascend to the position of the gods.
Once we reach that position, naturally, there are certain information channels in the heavens, on earth, and in the human world, and by opening these communication channels, we can access the information that exists there.
In the previous Hikari Monjyo (Light Document), we announced the revival of Ryuju Bosatsu in Japan, which means that in Japan, all past religious knowledge, including monotheism, Buddhism, and Shintoism, has been integrated into a single information system.

The starting point of Shinlogy was the system of Japan, which was that once the program for the Last Judgment was completed in Japan, the program would be extended to the entire earth. And it is becoming clear in the steps of Shinlogy that when the earth reaches that stage, the consciousness of the entire universe will also be subjected to the Last Judgment that has been prepared for the earth.
With the arrival of human beings at this stage, all the prophecies will come true. It is only natural that the prophecies would include Ezekiel of the Bible.
The world now is in the realization of that prophecy.



Seki Tetsuo

October 19, Shinki 3rd (2023)