Vol.800+30+51 The true nature of free speech


Elon Musk, who acquired the former Twitter in the US, has disclosed that the purpose of his acquisition is to guarantee freedom of speech, and that it is a Jewish organization called the ADL that is obstructing that purpose, and the reality of the media, including SNS, is becoming known to many people.
In Japan, where freedom of speech is disappearing faster than in America, the mass media is steering public opinion in a certain direction by only reporting on the intentions of China’s Communist Party and American globalists. From the point of view of the spiritual world, these human groups who organize these worlds and mobilize the media to create a planet for themselves are the agents of the devil.

You can call these human groups atheists or Satanists, but so far they seem to be more successful.
However, Japan is a model of the world. The balance of power that seems to be controlled by the forces on the left in the current world is probably the same as the 30% in Japan that is close to the political beliefs of the left controls the opinions on the political scene.
In Japanese political consciousness, there are about half of the independents in the center, with about 25 to 30% of the right wing and about 25 to 30% of the left wing of the left wing, some of whom are voting.
Most citizens do not vote. As a result, all policies swing to the left side because the parties with the most mobilizing organizations appear to have the greatest power.

The Japanese today think of the left as communists and their sympathizers, but the Democratic Party of America can also be called a left-wing government, depending on your point of view. Looking at it this way, you should understand that there is no real conservative party in Japan. The question is why, at this juncture, American left-wing groups are abandoning the fundamental principle of free speech, which has been behind the Declaration of Independence from the French Revolution to the present day and which has sustained Western democracy. The reason for this is simple: Up until now, free speech had been used to propagate their own ideology, but from here on out, they decided that it would be more beneficial to silence the opposition.

A human group that rules the world is one that serves those who want to own this planet. The true nature of it is coming into view. It is those who have mastered controlling the world with money that have labeled these stories conspiracy theories and sealed free speech.
Ordinary people have no choice but to be silent in front of their overwhelming political and economic power, but even so, America is a place where there are many people who speak up.

We must not forget that behind the American voice was a group of spirits called the Light Army, led by the Japanese Satsuma Army, who told the spirit world of American soldiers that the human group behind the Civil War and the human group behind the last war with Japan were the same. And when the Japanese understand correctly that Japan is the model of the world, the decline and disappearance of leftist forces in Japan will be directly linked to the decline in the power of communist and globalist forces in the world.

This is the true nature  of the Heavenly Program, which reached its 78 year mark when Japan was defeated, offered as an offering to the devil, and controlled by humans serving the devil in everything from politics, economics, education, and the mass media. From here on out, if we use the freedom of speech that Japan learned when it met the West as a weapon to restore the correct Japanese spirit, the Japanese archipelago will be recorded in the history of the earth as the graveyard of the devil.
True freedom in the space of Japanese speech, which leads to the salvation of the world.



Seki Tetsuo

September 28, Shinki 3rd (2023)