Vol.800+30+5 Devil’s vessel

A significant Shinlogical discovery regarding the coronavirus was made during counseling sessions in Oita in November 2022, and this is the report. And when we look at the results, we come to the conclusion that this is, historically, going to have an impact on humanity similar to the Spanish Flu, which broke out during World War I and killed many people.

The conclusion is that the Spanish flu was the result of a major operation by the influenza virus to write something into the genetic information of human beings in order to make Fatima’s prophecy a reality in the human world. In fact, the information from the spiritual realm is that this was some kind of manipulation of the human body to make it the vessel of judgment, and in that sense, the Fatima prophecy had been completed before the Wuhan virus outbreak, turning a major disaster into a minor one. It means, at the same time, that the Biblical prophecy of Revelation was also fulfilled in the history of World War I and World War II, and the subsequent history to this day.

The reason why this coronavirus saga is linked to memories of the Spanish flu is that the planners of this pandemic, presumably artificially engineered, have studied all the epidemics and effects of the Spanish flu in the past.
And it is my understanding at this point that although the starting point was malice, in their own interest, the end result was a form that benefited the judgment of heaven.

What follows is a report of what is happening in the bodies of people I know who are infected with the coronavirus.

What happens to a body that has suffered a great deal of pain from being infected with the coronavirus is that there is a devil in that body. Until now, human beings have been defined as vessels of God, the shape of their existence. It meant that the human body had barriers that the devil could not easily penetrate. It seems that while they are suffering after being infected with the coronavirus, the effects of the virus cause changes at the genetic level that lead to a decline in the immune system, especially damage to the lymphatic system for a long time, and when this system of lymphatic flow in the body and the figure of the tree of life in Kabbalah overlap, the human body becomes a vessel of the devil. This can be done with the dark and light iconSeal In other words, we can think of a program in which human beings become the vessels of the devil and, as such, the venue for the Last Judgment. This phenomenon of the human body and the invocation of the divine spirit of the Goryo Shrine in Kyoto should be considered in the same context as the creation of the devil water in the underground water supply of Kyoto.

This means that the Japanese archipelago was prepared as a stage for the Last Judgment, and in response, the information that plays a role inside the human body was manipulated by external factors.
As the events unfold that this transformation of the role of the human body at the genetic level has historically been caused by the Spanish flu, the information system of the human body will respond to my repeated message that the age of the Bible is over.

Obviously, it’s not just the positives. The fact that the battle between light and darkness in the microcosm of human beings is reaching its final stage means that it will be a great burden both mentally and physically, and human society will continue to receive this negative energy. However, for those with sound minds, this will provide an opportunity to have the right immunity to the information manipulation of a group of human beings who are trying to bring about World War III by actualizing Armageddon, which is being orchestrated in various parts of the human world to nullify the Last Judgment.

In other words, the post-corona world will be a different human stage from the past. As far as I know, the Spanish flu pandemic caused a rewriting of information at the genetic level in humans, leading to contact of the cosmic conscious body in Nazi Germany, but I will share this story and that of the Last Battalion predicted by Hitler at another time.



Seki Tetsuo

November 10, Shinki 2nd (2022)