Vol.800+3 The Afterlife


Humans are mortal. The consciousness of people until this year 2022 has been mostly directed toward the living, but it appears that this is about to change. One catalyst for this may be the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The reason I am telling you this is that at the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, a man who considered himself my disciple died in an avalanche and began to transmit information from the world that was once known as the afterlife to the members of the Shinlogy Association, including myself. According to his information, a great change is now underway in the other world, and the spirit world of the past is already gone, becoming a phase of the demonic world that resembles this world.

The main cause of this is that many of the people living in this world were living in a world of atheism, and the energies of the spirit world of those atheists, who had no way out, were projected into the real world. One result is the current war. It seems that this is where the spiritual world’s processing of the modern and contemporary ideological wars created by Western civilization is to begin.

It can be said that the time of Last Judgment is approaching for the dead of a civilization of ” Death ends it all.” The following is a report from the afterlife. The main reason why the living cannot make contact with the dead is that the ghost world of the dead is a source of energy from the dark side of the universe, a place that is located at the bottom of the universe.

Of course, some spirits remained in this world, and these were contacted through psychics or others. But the whole of the ghost world was there as part of the dark universe to be judged for the Last Judgment Day. Because the dark energies out there are myriad energies that have not yet been deciphered. It will take a lot of time for this to be deciphered, but the afterlife is in the process of being paved the way for this to happen.

What will happen is that the afterlife of the conscious beings of the communist world, such as Lenin, Stalin, and Mao Zedong, as well as of the human groups represented by Hitler and the international finance capitalists, will be brought into the light. This will be projected onto this world, and those who live from now on will know the true nature of history. It seems that ” that day and hour,” is also the time to know it. Once you know this, you can see that a judgment that everyone can agree on is being carried out under the rules of this universe.

It is then that you will see why the God of the Bible won the final victory. He gave up His right of vengeance, which He had intended to exercise, and was annihilated by the fires of the Last Judgment, which is, in fact, the ultimate goal of the conscious beings.

To be one with the light of Judgement that pervades the universe is to be one who knows the beginning before the beginning and the end after the end. Please consider that a path has been prepared for the human soul, which is also a conscious being, to reach this existence. That is what the end of the age of religion means. The existence of the afterlife will be divided into right and left, as promised, under these rules.

And preparations for this are underway in the ghost world of the earth today.
When such information is transmitted to the consciousness of living people, many people will be able to understand the meaning of live well and die well. In the past, the Japanese believed, or knew, that evil-doers would die and go to hell. To that simple principle, the spiritual world of this earth is moving toward once again. Although we have information from the ghost  world that people are already lining up in front of the gate leading to the Last Judgment, and the great upheaval in the afterlife should continue for some time to come. In response, the rules of heaven will change in response to this change, and the souls of human beings will change as well.




Seki Tetsuo

March 31, Shinki 2nd (2022)





It appears that a message has been received in conjunction with this Hikarimonjyo (light document), so I will post it below. (Romanized version of the original Japanese text.)


Received on Tuesday, March 29, 2022
From 3:15 p.m.


utsurakuno tokinohasamani yomikaeri
yomiyori kaeranu monoha nanisoto

kaminomichiniha makoto tsunenari
kaminideawanu makotoha nakini

furusatoni hikari aremashi
konokunini mihikari modoru

makotonomotoni kamiha ugokamu
wareraga mikotono yomikaeru hini

(Susanowo  Ōyamatsumi  Shimmu)