Vol.800+24 The Celestial Path


By the end of August 2022, the existing mask of the world will be lifted and the dark data behind ideologies and isms will be exposed. It is the basis of the current illusion of mankind that humans are the most intelligent beings, but it can also be said to be the starting point of science.
In modern science, the universe is governed by the rule of chance, and it is common to think that human consciousness was born by chance. And this is why we create the illusion that we are at the top of the evolutionary system of life and that consciousness is at the top as well.

In a world where the age of religion is over, I think what is going to happen is a test of whether or not the human thought system, the ideology of atheism, which is thought to have been instrumental in the denial of religion and the awakening of human knowledge, is really derived solely from human thought and historical experience on earth.
The reason is simple: there are stages in the process of awakening as I know it in which humans must answer the question of why materialism used the word scientific and replaced the masters of this material universe with humans.

In materialism, there is no existence of God, so human existence disappears by his physical death. Therefore, human beings will reconstruct human history with various information that human beings have left to the outside world and create their own views of human beings. This is the basis of the historical information warfare that many nations and human groups are engaged in in today’s world.
Why is that being done because it’s part of the world’s current system of control.

In the past, Japanese people living in this Japanese archipelago had a common value system: “Otentou-sama is watching over us”  It was a kind of feeling or intuition that was higher than their human religious beliefs. Many Japanese may have sensed in that phrase the divine status of Amaterasu, but if you translate oten-tousama into Chinese characters, it becomes 御天道様, which means “the Way of Heaven”. In other words, human beings are seen by the Way of Heaven.

Humans today live in a time and space where materialism is the destination of a thought system that does not recognize the existence of anything more than human beings, and from which the legitimacy of communism seems to logically derive. In that worldview and cosmology, there is no such concept as the Way of Heaven, so man will not be judged no matter what he does. In other words, the only thing that prevents human beings from going off the path is human beings.

What I mean by that with the advent of materialism, man has become God. He has become a creature who reproduces in his life the mental state of God, that of being envious.
In order to learn and graduate from this state of mind, Shinlogy was brought down to the earth.
The path of Shinlogy and my activity of transmitting it was created so that no one could think that the realm from which this originates inside the human head.

The spiritual world has proved its existence to the human world. And according to the information in the spiritual world, the present human being exists in the present time space and time of the materialistic universe in order to reproduce the memory of the past destruction in this universe. If this story continues as it is, the time of destruction will come again, but before that, time and space are shifting to the world of the Last Judgment.

From now on, the world will continuously experience the end of the materialistic universe following the end of the religious age. because religion and materialism are a pair. After that, what humans discover is called Tendo. This celestial path can be called the cosmic path. Human consciousness is still underdeveloped. Would one who knows that there is a realm of conscious energy that knows and watches over all, make the folly of going off the path? The time has come for the earth to train its thinking. With it, the age of ideology will end.


Seki Tetsuo

August 25, Shinki 2nd (2022)