Vol. 800+2  Time Compression


There is some information that in the present earth, where the God of the Bible and what I called the God of the Interest Rates, who was hidden among humans on earth as an entity contrary to that God, has disappeared, a movement is occurring to compress time and make real such things as prophecies and predictions that existed in the past. Symbolic of this is the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.Not only is it seen by the human world as an attempt by the ghosts of the former Soviet Union to regain territory, but it is also a realization of Hitler’s prophecy.

What I understand is that both nazism and communism have the same roots with my shinlogical knowledge,  And I can predict that the last battalion of troops that Hitler and certain spiritual world beings have prepared will begin to move in earnest with this war. I understand that the movement has already begun, although according to the timetable that was put in place on this earth, it probably would have been a long way off.

To explain how this happened, both the spiritual world and the human world believed that “that day and hour” would happen all at once on earth. But the adversaries of the God of the Bible, who were hiding in the darkness of the human world on earth, were brought out into the microcosm of Judgment, neither in heaven nor on earth, and were consumed by the fire of karma. So most conscious beings do not know about it. So for some time to come, the human world will continue to be the story of Western and Christian civilization, the story of the battle between the God of the Bible and the beings who oppose Him.

As a result, the future of the earth can be predicted to be at once earlier than, for example, the year 2039 of the Hitler prophecy, when the current humankind is supposed to be divided into two halves. The doomsday predictions I have been informed of are not the end of the earth, but the end of the current civilization. In other words, the earth at its apocalypse cannot be expected to look like a place where life is impossible.

I do not know yet if this war will escalate into nuclear war. However, humanity will continue to experience such crises in this compressed time-space of history. And each time, the memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will rise in the consciousness of people all over the world. The current civilization, including in racial identity, will be questioned for its actions.

This is also why the spiritual world tells us that the United States of America will collapse just as the former Soviet Union collapsed. The U.S. killed the indigenous peoples through human greed, and won the war against the Empire of Japan. But even after the U.S. defeat in Vietnam using underground tunnel tactics developed by the Imperial Army in the war against the U.S., the U.S. never truly won any wars. Now that it is clear that the U.S. strategy has shown itself to be powerless in the face of Russia’s nuclear arsenal, and that it cannot envision the future, we should assume that its hegemony will be lost. Then, if you ask whether China will replace the U.S. as the dominant power, it is impossible unless the basis of China’s money is in its own country. The collapse of China will bring about the collapse of the money system that now dominates the world.

This world has experimented before with continuing to print money in order to prevent the bursting of bubbles. The final step in this process, perhaps as a result of the Wuhan virus, is the support of the governments of developed countries for their citizens. Beyond that is the awakening of the world’s human beings to shed light on the dark side of the current human race, which is who controls money. Of course, various methods have been thought of to keep that awakening from happening, as well as possible economies for human beings to be free. But what the God of the Bible has identified, over a period of two thousand years, is what I have called the God of interest rates. The ruler of the money of this world is, in Christian terms, the Anti-Christ himself.

Without knowing why this world has been governed for so long by rules that make people unhappy, “that day and hour” cannot happen in human beings. And the time to get there is getting faster and faster.



Seki Tetsuo

March 24, Shinki 2nd (2022)