Vol.800+15 The collapse of money and the revival of okane


On June 6 of this year, 2022, the age of the reikai (ghost world) in the past ended in the global sense, and the transition of the old spirit world and the human spirit world  to shin-reikai , including the demon world which has ruled this earth, was decided, and the cataclysm with it seems to be in progress.

In 2022, two plus two plus two equals six. That is, the day is 666.
It seems that the origin of the figure of this Number of the beast was the old dragon, the dark lord behind Kabbalah, whose source of power was the mechanism of money in this world. In other words, the Kabbalah contains information on what is called karma of the narrative universe, and if we call it a concrete historical event, it seems to be the discovery of interest rates.

The old dragon that the God of the Bible fought for in the reappearance of the young man was, in mythological terms, the symbol of karma in this narrative universe. And it is said that the figure of this tree of life of Kabara itself is placed as a boundary on the line connecting the Kii Peninsula and Wakasa in Japan, such as Ise Jingu Shrine in the east and Izanagi Jingu Shrine of Ichinomiya in Awaji Island in the west. It is true that these things are part of the Japanese system. At this point in time, my understanding is that the disclosure of this information to the human intelligence side has led to the collapse of one of Kabbalah’s secrets, the methodology of world domination by the money system.

The bursting of the bubble in Japan was the result of a runaway policy aimed at controlling skyrocketing land prices, which was the hope of many Japanese, but it was the sabotage of the yen created as a result of Wall Street’s study of Japan that determined this. It could be said that it was a reproduction of the behavior of the United States, which took control of the air by thoroughly studying the Zero War, which made an emergency landing on the Aleutian Islands after the outbreak of the U.S.-Japan War.

As a result, Japan lost its growth potential, and the major participants in Japan’s domestic stock market became what they are today: foreign capital. This is nothing but an invasion by money. After that, the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), as the owner of all the land in Japan, learned about Japan’s economic system, which can be called the land standard system before the bubble economy, and succeeded in depriving Japan of its position as a factory in the world through the smooth infiltration of friendly relations between Japan and China. Behind this was Wall Street, which taught the money credit creation system and created a community of interests. The system itself was revealed in the wake of the virus outbreak in China, as governments continued to supply currency to lock down their countries. Due to the rapid progress of inflation, developed countries, especially the United States, have ended the era of near-zero interest rates that had continued since the Lehman shock, and stock prices have plummeted. At the same time, cryptocurrencies, which were popular for a while, are starting to experience a sharp contraction in value.

What is ahead is the collapse of the bubble and the collapse of the current money system.
I now understand that the reason why there were three types of HadoSeal, which was given to the Shinlogy Association before this event, namely the Japanese word “okane” and “dark money” and “light money,” was the response to the future collapse of the money system.

The hado-wise characteristic of Gaikoku‘s money is that it is directed to gather more. On the other hand, the hado-wise characteristic of “okane”, which is organized by Ukanomitama in Japan, is that it is directed to walk and circulate among people like oashi (foot) for “okane”.

In other words, the money in Gaikoku is hataraki in the direction of making a handful of rich people even richer, and the money in Japan hataraku (do hataraki) in the direction of narrowing the gap between rich and poor by being enlarged and reproduced here and there among people. Beyond that would be the denial of shareholder capitalism, which is the basis of our current civilization, in which the shareholder is the owner of the company.

At the very least, it is clear to everyone that the future of human society, which the God of the Bible and the gods of Japan have said will come, cannot be seen beyond the present shareholder capitalism …. To be the starting point, the existing money system collapses. It’s also the logical consequence that your growing numbers crash under their own weight.



Seki Tetsuo

June 23, Shinki 2nd (2022)




・okane consists of the following two parts:

  • o – お : a prefix used to make its following word polite.
  • kane – 金 (かね) : a noun meaning ‘money’ in Japanese. This can also mean ‘metal’ in a broad sense. This kanji character can also be pronounced “kin”. In this case, it means ‘gold’ or refers to its color.


・Gaikoku: According to Seki-san, in the spiritual world of this country, the word Gaikoku has connoted not only the kanji for (外国) foreign countries, but also the word for a country that always causes harm (害国).”  


・hataraku verb :There are various theories about the origin of the word “hataraku,” but there is a theory that it was changed from “to make the surroundings easier” to work.

・hataraki noun