Vol.800+14 Buckminster Fuller and the Secrets of Kabbalah


This past June of 2022, the backbone of the Tree of Life information at the source of Kabbalah’s power, which Buckminster Fuller had continued to study, moved to the side of human knowledge, the geometric laws of development of this universe. With this, in the Bible story, the descendants of Adam and Eve, who ate the fruit of the tree of wisdom through the temptation of the serpent, have even come to know the essence of the tree of life.
Now humans, as the Bible tells us, have attained knowledge of both the Tree of Wisdom and the Tree of Life, and have reached a realm of knowledge that transcends the God of the Bible.

For those of you who are caught up in the desire to know the structure hidden in the Tree of Life, the secret of this universe, I will give you a hint of the entry point of what I have learned, which is as follows.
It is well known that three triangles are hidden in the figure of the Tree of Life, and that structure is a three-dimensional model that develops based on triangles. This includes the growth or generative program of the basic structures of the universe, such as the triangular pyramid, the tetragonal pyramid, the cube, and the polyhedron. In other words, Buckminster Fuller’s lifelong study of the subject led to the disclosure of the secret of the shape of the tree of life. Once this is understood, it is only natural to understand Rudolf Steiner’s assertion that the basic structure of the earth is a giant triangular pyramid, with the Japanese archipelago at its apex. This would be unverifiable knowledge if the Shinlogy Association was not given the HadoSeal as a tool for humans to access the hado-wise (vibrational) information that fills this universe. As it is, it is occult.

But the etymology of occult  is mystery, or the hidden. And in Shinlogy, where the law that the mystery must be revealed applies, it has a history of being transferred to human knowledge as a reproducible system of knowledge. In other words, those who are ready to know will know, by using the HadoSeal of Kabbalah, what Buckminster Fuller achieved, which should be called the geometry of the universe.

Also, the HadoSeal of the Akashic also makes it possible to contact the information in the Akashic Records of this universe, which was rediscovered by Rudolf Steiner. However, with the preconceived knowledge of Kabbalah and the literature of the Akashic Records on the earth today, it is more likely that a different story will unfold in the head of that individual. That is the dangerous realm of the spiritual world.

The reason why it is dangerous is because those hado-wise (vibrational) information is connected to the past earth and past universe, and without the correct purification power, it is always the area where a mummy hunter gets lost and becomes a mummy.

However, with the transfer of the data of the Tree of Wisdom and the Tree of Life into the current human brain, many human brains will awaken in the time-space from this point forward. By seeking the “Last Judgment” in their brains, that day and hour will come to each individual’s microcosm, which will be projected onto the macrocosm, and this will lead to the awakening of this universe itself. This is the program that I know.

There is a flow of energy that should be expressed in the word 理 (reason or principle) .Or to put it another way, it is a flow from disorder to order. Ordinary people may think of this flow as time, but I see it as the will of a ray of light.

It seems that there used to be something like a spear of light on this earth that pointed to the line of light, but one day it was taken away by those called the Knights of Darkness, and the dark history of this earth began. This is the story of the earth as I know it.

In this year 2022, the God of the Bible has triumphed, and the spear that had been placed in the sphere of the power of darkness and had lost its light has returned. And the spear reached the universe of light. In fact, the deity who was responsible for carrying it to the universe of light was the ancestor of the gods of this country (Japan), and that deity has been restored.
With the retrieval of that spear of light, this universe was once again able to connect to the universe of light. The story was then transferred to human knowledge, and the age of the dark universe would end.




Seki Tetsuo

June 16, Shinki 2nd (2022)