Vol. 800+12 Hado Hypothesis


In June of this year 2022. A declaration was made that the spiritual energy field of the human ghosts world (reikai), the demonic ones and the ancient gods had been transferred to the Shin-Reikai.
With this, the relationship between the afterlife, formerly known as the Other World, and the real world, formerly known as This World, was renewed.

The place of the Last Judgment is this new Shin-Reikai. It is not only a new spiritual world, but also a divine spiritual world, meaning that all previous universes, including the narrative universe of gods and deities and the dark universe where the dark ones had dominion, have become obsolete and their data have been transferred to Shin-Reikai.

The essence of the Last Judgment, as I understand for the moment, is probably the awakening of this material universe.
Looking back at the steps of the IconSeal given to the Shinlogy Association  at this point, it was in 2019 that it came into this world.

It was, as the name implies, an icon, a seal, of God. And it contained information about the secrets of God in the universe. The hataraki of the IconSeal clarified the relationship between the current human race and the existence of the God of humans in the universe.

The current human race is a reflection of what we call the human god, but the human god is not the god of this earth, which means that he is not located above it. Naturally, he is not the god of this universe either.

The story of the human God ended in 2022, and the preparation from this point forward is actually like the HadoSeal that was given after the IconSeal to the Shinlogy Association as well.
Beyond this point, it is my hypothesis that I am researching HadoSeal which is becoming conscious and awakening.

The conclusion of this hypothesis is that if the wave awakening progresses at this rate, what lies ahead is the awakening of this material universe, in other words, consciousness.
It is my current assumption that the “Last Judgment” in the true sense of the word in Shin-Reikai will be executed at the time when this is fulfilled.

The awakening of the consciousness of the universe sounds like a kind of spiritualism that people talk about on earth today, but think of it as the universe itself beginning to ask itself what it exists for.
The theme of the existence of the divine discarnate entity was the Last Judgment.

The data contained a strong element of what we should think of as a theme that apparently pre-dates the creation of this universe.
Although science today cannot reach the path to such knowledge, we can say that this is in fact almost the same theme as that reached by the thinker who came to be known as the Buddha about 2,500 years ago.

The hypothesis arises from this that perhaps this space-time that I call the narrative universe is a state of continual human dreaming that combines events we have known in the past before we wake up. And now, as the various hado that are shifting to the side of human knowledge begin to become conscious and to think about the relationship between themselves and the material universe and the reach of human knowledge, and as they expand their field of consciousness in the direction of integrating such knowledge, it should become possible to think that eventually a subjective entity of consciousness that knows who they are in this universe will be born. It should become possible.

Perhaps this is the final landing point of the words that have come down to me, ” Go beyond God, surpass Buddha,” and when the awakening in that realm is successful, a unified theory for a complete physical and mathematical understanding of this universe will be completed on the side of human knowledge as well.
The true awakening of this universe is about to begin after 13.77 billion years since its birth.



Seki Tetsuo

June 2, Shinki 2nd (2022)