Vol. 800+11 The Karma called Money


In this year 2022, the God of the Bible and the God of Interest Rates were stabbing each other to death, and the energy entities behind the forces controlling interest rates in this world were burned in the fires of the Last Judgment. Even now, however, the karma of money and wars of the past has not ceased to erupt on this earth.
On a different note, I have received information that the old and ancient deities of the Japanese archipelago have been rescued from the dark underside of the universe, where they were entangled by the black and red dragons after someone stole the spear of light from them.

It seems that the time-space in which the current human race exists is like this dark universe, and that what the current science is able to know is only information from this dark universe.
What has become clear to me in my journey so far is the possibility that the Kabbalah system of knowledge is not derived from biblical knowledge, but rather from a discarnate energy entity that existed before the creation of this universe.

In other words, the current universe may be a universe programmed to go through a certain program of evolution or growth from the time of the Creation, through the Age of the Gods, the Age of the Bible, and the Age of Materialism, until it reaches the time of the “Last Judgment”.

This is one of the reasons why I call this universe a narrative universe. Moreover, it is a universe in which whatever exists, in the symbolic sense, is also a universe that has the characteristic that whatever the Creator conceives and creates is materialized.

I would go on to say that there is also an energy field in the spacetime of this narrative universe that is apparently shared by the inhabitants of the spacetime of the other universes, and perhaps that is why this unified theory of the universe will never be discovered.
The narrative universe could be described as similar to the virtual universe in the mind of a human being.

And the main reason why correct information about the universe is not projected even into the human head is that the material universe, which is a projection of the karma of the current human race, is the universe as recognized by current science.
Shinlogy exists as a means of knowledge to escape from this realm.
Even if Buddhist knowledge says that human beings have karma, no method has been discovered to resolve that karma, and beyond the karma of all humankind lies the karma of the universe.

On this planet where the god of interest rates has left us, money is even more concentrated and we are beginning to see the true nature of the culture of war, which is the worst and greatest consumption.
You can call it a demonic discarnate entity, or a Satanist human group, or a human group that claims they are the offspring of God, but it is a human group ridden by someone who wants to rule and reign.

What is interesting about the spiritual world is its perspective that since humans are the vehicles of spiritual beings, demons are also in human form. Their source of energy has been considered to be the light of the human soul and fear, all of which can be purchased with money.
The basis of this power of money is none other than the energy of human desire.
This dark universe is the universe with a system that reproduces human desire endlessly.

In this dark universe, when you face this issue and try to understand it, you will be taken into a certain energy realm. It is the same at the higher levels and at the level of your daily life where you want money. The earth is covered by that dark energy. It is the karma of the current human race, the karma of the earth, and also the karma of the universe.
There is no way out of this dark universe without having the purifying power to deal with the dark energy of money.

Shinlogy shows the way, but it is up to each individual to walk that path. The earth will not remain in darkness for long. Because the knowledge of the “Last Judgment” has already been prepared there.




Seki Tetsuo

May 26, 2nd year of Shinki (2022)