Vol.800+10 The Spear Reaches the Light


In the early dawn of this May 17, 2022, there was a report that the Spear of Longinus, known in the Bible or in the anime Evangelion, had reached the universe of light. With this, the story of the Spear of Longinus in this narrative universe is over.

This concludes the story of the Spear of Longinus in this narrative universe. Apparently, it was on the side of the light a long time ago, but in the era of the battle of light and darkness, a male god, like the parent of the Japanese gods, is taken away on the way to somewhere and becomes on the side of the side of darkness, and in history had a role of stabbing the side of Jesus on the cross at the Golgotha Hill. In modern and contemporary history, Adolf Hitler was born as a person who saw and responded to this alleged spear.

Perhaps the curse of the Spear of Longinus, or rather, the presence of certain informative hado energies in the spiritual world of this planet, is the reason why Japanese anime artists have also re-created the story of the Spear of Longinus.
From this point forward, I would like to talk about the spiritual world that supports the creativity of the manga and anime industry, the only Japanese industry that seems to be at the forefront of the world today.

In my opinion, from a cultural historical perspective, the manga artist Tezuka Osamu was a gifted artist who broke new ground in modern and contemporary Japanese culture. As is the case with science fiction writers in the West, information about the future is projected into the head of the creator.

It can be said that the inherent circuits of the human brain, such as fancy and dreaming, are behind the scientific and technological imagination of human society. This universe is full of a kind of hado (energies) that is the source of information that serve as a source of information.

The stories of the spiritual world, which are the source of major content in the current manga and anime industries, are rapidly running out of steam. To put it another way, the day is approaching when even if we create something new, it will no longer be supported by the current customer base as a mere rehash of something old or something they already know.
The only area in the world where Japan has had a monopoly position is coming to an end.

The reason is simple: many of the creators in these industries are inhabitants of a materialistic universe, their heads filled with the values of a “death is the end” civilization. From this point forward, the goddess of creation will never descend into the atheist’s head. What lies beyond that is the emergence of a new type of genius with circuits in the brain to take charge of the creation of a new era.

It will be proven that Shinlogy is the only way to create these Shin-tensai-kuns.
The end of an era is coming rapidly. The future is not envisioned as an extension of the past.
I predict that from this point forward, the souls of the current human race will project a final story that will lead to the space and time of the Last Judgment, or the universe of the Last Judgment.

Because it is a story universe, someone has to tell and perform that final story. The group of humans who can do this will be what I call the Shin* Tensai*.
They will be the ones who have finished learning God’s information and Buddha’s information, and will prepare the path to the universe of light. For the safety of that path, it can be said that the Spear of Longinus, which once again belongs to the side of light, has pierced through all the dark universe in the past of this universe and reached the universe of light.
It is the Shin* Tensai*, as I call them, who can make this story into a work of art, and their talents should be able to flourish with the new contract.


Seki Tetsuo

May 19 Shinki 2nd (2022)


Shin* has these meanings : new, true, core


Tensai* means genius or natural gift from above