Vol.800 The Completion of God’s Story

On this March 5, 2022, the God of the Bible discovered the existence of an old black dragon body on earth, which I call the King of Darkness or the God of Interest Rates, and challenged this being to a final battle and won.
After his victory, he took the severed heart of that dark king and the sword of light and threw himself into the fire of the Last Judgment, burning everything up, leaving a vivid image in my brain that only the sword of light remains in the hollow of this space-time, thus telling the end of the story of the God of the Bible.
It seems that this information has already been shared with the spiritual world of this planet, because the next day, Buddha, or “Oshaka-sama” as he is commonly called (in Japan) , who was watching it somewhere, conveyed the completion of the story through the head of the Shinlogy Laboratory. And now, as I write this Hikarimonjyo (light document), the word “tremendous” is repeating in my head.
As I examine this tremendous story, I continue to confirm, as always, that it is not something that can be created by the human brain. The conscious being I know to be the God of the Bible, perhaps given the sword of light by contract before the time of the Creation, which is now 13.77 billion years in this material universe, challenged the Absolute, the King or God of space and time, to a battle. He may have stabbed his sword of light into the neck of his enemy but was defeated and killed.

For all intents and purposes, we cannot assume that this battle began after the creation of the universe. The reason for this is that the God of the Bible seems to have been the Word from the beginning. This assumption is further strengthened by the fact that the king of darkness, who has a sword of light pierced through his neck, is apparently doomed to never be able to pull out that sword of light.
This universe was not simply a place of battle between light and darkness, but a place where the will of those who desire justice and those who can only continue to live behind the darkness can create an infinite number of stories riding on countless bodies of consciousness. In this sense, although the Hollywood movie Star Wars demonstrated the theme of this universe, its ending could not help but be unrelated to divine knowledge.
Needless to say, the reason why I am writing about Star Wars is because I have been told that the film came into the world through the intervention of the spiritual world. If the latest film was planned after this year 2022, it would have been a different story.
In other realms, the way in which the end of the biblical story of God will proceed will depend on the information from the outer spiritual world projected into each person’s head.
But beyond this, there is no spell of the Scriptures’ words.
From this perspective, there is no involvement of the God of the Bible in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Of course, some of it stems from the energies of the human spiritual world that wants to make biblical prophecy a reality, but the presence of a dark lord, who was behind it, is also gone.

In other words, the god of interest rates that held the current rulers of the human world in their grip is also gone. From this point forward, it will be the job of people living on this earth to pave the way for the liberation of human beings from slavery to money, as promised by the God of the Bible and the God of Japan, but the path has already been paved.
This is the 800th issue of this Hikari monjyo (Light Document), and at this point, we come to one end of this line. Also, as I mentioned in advance, in this year 2022, there will be a change in my role on earth. And the title Godbrain is also a heaven-sent title.

However, if you know how the God of the Bible defeated the King of Darkness by the light of the Last Judgment that is generated in the brain of an awakened human being, you will be able to understand how the universe is designed to enable the human brain to output God’s will of the Last Judgment in the form of light energy.

The theme given to the Shinlogy Association is ” Go beyond God, surpass Buddha.”
As the saying goes, God is only a process, and the meaning and purpose of human existence will change in the future. For now, I would like to report  that “that day and hour” , occurred on March 5.



Seki Tetsuo

March 10, Shinki 2nd (2022)