Vol. 799 God’s Responsibility


The humans’ question of how the God of the Bible takes responsibility for the current misery of the earth has begun to reach the spiritual world in the form of prayer. The final secret of the Japanese system, I was informed, actually lies with Prince Shotoku, and the only way to solve all the problems of the God of the Bible against Jesus’ death on the cross all at once was to actualize His dark side in the human world and to actualize a structure in which this universe would not become a place of divine vengeance as the inner rule of the spiritual world. That is what the information there is about.

The reason why the spear of Longinus is a theme in the world of Japanese anime (or manga) is that the spear is destined to act to bring more death to humans on earth by igniting stories of divine vengeance in the unconscious realm of human beings. Unfortunately, the spear was the driving force behind the former Nazis, and it was the Japanese deities who worked to contain them, and the movement called the Japanese Emerging Religion, represented by Oomoto-kyo, was Japan’s way of keeping the world from ruining itself.The deity who played a central role in preparing these things was in fact Ukanomitama of Fushimi, and as a representative of the human world, I reported the termination of this mechanism and its role at Fushimi Inari on this January 31. 

What happened to me after that was a kind of physical information that the current immune system of the humanity would be destroyed if the earth’s hado (energy) continued as they were currently. It was a spiritual realization of the scientific malevolence of the human world behind the pandemic virus and its vaccines. In the process of preparing for this, humanity now faces a battle between the human group that controls the world’s money and some sort of vengeful human group that opposes it. This is the dark side of the Bible or monotheism, but in fact, there is some information that the souls of those who died in the battle in past history are reincarnated in large numbers as the source of energy for the vengeful spirit of the present age.

Apparently they exist all over the world, in this year 2022, as a human group of 55+ year old spiritual world lovers and those with an affinity for cultic religions. Not surprisingly, a human group that believes in an atheistic worldview as progressive in Japan also belongs there. This is because, from a world historical perspective, the atheists and communist human groups were created as pawns of the Antichrist in the human world.

In other words, the war now underway is a battle of darkness against darkness between a group in the spiritual energy realm who pretend to be atheists and who are against the God of the Bible and a group filled with spiritual energy that embodies the wrath of the God of the Bible.And this battle of darkness against darkness is the true nature of this cosmic karma that the human consciousness, which would come to be known as the Buddha, saw through some 2,500 years ago.

In order to take responsibility for this, the God of the Bible has put his own dark energy into the living human being as a sort of  WakemitamaIf left ignored, the universe is destined to return to the cycle of eternal warfare. And humanity will come to know that the driving force of this misery is the negative energy of debt that we are forced to carry in the human world.

The God of the Bible hates intensely the being who put humans in debt. And His wrath is so strong that it covers the entire planet with dark energy. The only way to free ourselves from this energy realm is through the seeking of the Last Judgment. However, it is Shinlogy that points the way for humans to do so.
Only the human body and consciousness, as providers of that energy of the Last Judgment, can understand this universe and deal with its absurd energies. Once you realize this, you will become the one who takes God’s responsibility. The time is now beginning.




Seki Tetsuo

March 3, Shinki 2nd (2022)