Vol.798 The War even in Space


Even in the year 2022, the earth seems to be trapped in the curse of the Bible. A symbol of this is the crisis in Ukraine. Chernobyl (чорнобиль, which means black herb) ,the site of the nuclear accident, is mentioned in the Bible as the land of wormwood.

Why is it that humankind is so eager to act according to the scenario created by the God of the Bible? Shinlogy already figured out what it is, its true nature, however, when people turn their attention to what is happening in the human world, they are drawn into the flow of this spiritual movement toward the final war. I have also received information that in the world today, a number of beings who can only be considered to have been reincarnated in anticipation of the final war of the world, and who can be said to have been born to fight, have entered a period of activity. Strangely enough, in this 21st century Japan, there are many reincarnated souls who once studied Steiner and who opposed the Nazis, and their souls seem to be preparing for a battle that will not fail, just like the last one. It could be said that this is as a result of a man named Steiner passing on the information that the Japanese archipelago is located at the top of the earth, but the data of their souls indicates that the final battle with the Nazis will occur in the future on the earth. 

In the same way, if we pursue the ongoing crisis from the perspective of the global economy, we will be caught in a Kabbalistic time-space story. Whether it is the U.S. or China, the world economy today has only one option: a hard landing or a soft landing, depending on how the numerical money is handled. But if politics does not have the courage to deal with the problem, the only way to solve the problem is through a state of war at each individual level.

That is the current state of the planet, seen only in terms of numbers. Even if you ask who is responsible for this, the monotheistic gods will not be able to take any responsibility. However, at the end of the story, there is still the possibility of a final war, an event that can only be described as a human principle. But at the end of the day, there is still the possibility of a final war, an event that can only be described as a human principle.  The role of Shinlogy is to prevent such an event from happening, but the current crisis on earth is in just barely the energy range that can be dealt with by healthy spiritual activities.

War is always motivated by human greed. In today’s world, there are very few human groups or individuals who have the greed to cause this war, but it is likely to become a reality when they have no viable future options. There is a high possibility that the souls of ordinary people living in the Japanese archipelago are also aware of this on a subconscious level.
At the moment, the current human race is the Son of God of Monotheism. The Japanese are no exception to this. If we fail to do so, the space-time of the earth may become a stage to recreate the story of God again. Yet, the material universe and the earth itself are against this, so the same space-time should not be repeated. The problem is that when you are caught in the dark universe, you cannot escape the theme of revenge. The only way to be freed from this is the will to entrust judgment to heaven. But this cannot happen without the awakening of the soul that is the subject of that will. It can be said that we have entered an age in which human beings must live with such a philosophical theme in mind.

Once, in the days of the Greeks and Romans, humans knew how to philosophize. The reason why they are no longer doing so is because the wrath of God through the cross of Jesus has blinded humans. The same entity that blinded God, the source of His wrath, still monopolizes the money on earth and controls the material world.
Unless this is solved by human knowledge, humans will not be able to surpass God. As long as you do not surpass God, the temptation of the final war, which can be called the curse of the Bible, will continue. This is the reality that covers the earth today. There, a war in space is still in progress.



Seki Tetsuo

February 24, Shinki 2nd (2022)