Vol. 796. The secret of Fuji (Non-duality)


With the disclosure of the secrets of the hexagram of Kabbalah, the fundamental problems of this narrative universe are being resolved in terms of knowledge. It is the knowledge that will unify the stories of the Bible and the system of Japan, and I recognize that this will lead to the unification of theories in the world of science as well.

What I am about to describe is information that would have been absolutely impossible to disclose in the past, but now that the story of Japan has come to an end, what both the God who created the Bible and the God who created the system of Japan were aiming for will be transferred to human knowledge. However, since this is the information within my universe, it should be difficult for ordinary people to understand what I understand.
Even so, the fact that I am releasing it as textual information is a signal that this shift in time and space is about to begin. So, please consider that there is a certain will in this.

Shinlogically, speaking, the current state of the earth’s civilization has been destroyed five times and is now on its sixth. If we read the Bible with this hint, the Star of David is a six-pointed star, the Star of Solomon is a five-pointed star, and that is the world of the Old Testament. The sign of Jesus in the New Covenant is the cross. The cross indicates the four.

The cross that Jesus carried was actually the horizontal bar of the cross, while the vertical pillar of the cross remained standing on the hill of Golgotha.
In other words, what Jesus carried was only the two numbers of the horizontal bar. The being who carried out the continuation of this biblical story on the Japanese archipelago assigned the role of that vertical pillar to the one who was to become the Great King. That vertical axis was the time axis that led from the past to the future.

In doing so, the would-be king who was to follow David, Solomon and Jesus ended up being linked to the dark side of the past. That is what is known in Japanese history as Prince Shotoku, and the power of that dark side was linked to the vengeance rights of the God of the Bible.

But even so, the system of Japan after the Chronicles was reconfigured in order to make the program of turning six into five and then four into three a reality in this Japanese archipelago.
The correct data of the spiritual world is that many gods participated in this process, and the history of Japan for 1,400 years until today exists.

The reason why it is three is because three is the holy number, as pointed out in the Christian Trinity, and this three is what makes up all the triangles of the hexagram.

It can be said that Buckminster Fuller was the first person in modern times to realize the importance of this triangle. This triangle is understood in shinlogy as a trinity of light energy of love, courage, and justice, and it has been proven that without this light energy, we cannot reach the Last Judgment.

As a result, at the timing of 2022, the two of Jesus on the cross and the two of Prince Shotoku became a unified four, and that four led to the number three, the number of the Last Judgment, completing the Nihon’s (Japanese) system of two as a symbol.

With this completion, what is offered to human knowledge is the seal of the hado of Fuji (non-duality), which shows the way to that which is not two. In other words, the first one. It is the hado that reaches the beginning of the universe.

Before the “1” that is the beginning, there is the theme or karma of the divine existence of the current human race, which has been destroyed five times and is the sixth time. Deciphering it is the path for human beings to go beyond God.

The Bible, the two chronicles (Kojiki and Nihonshoki), and the Sendai Kuji Honki Taiseikyou, the oldest chronicle in the history of the world, were the code books for the disclosure of this information. In this sense, we can understand that the reason why the Hollywood movie series called Star Wars kept going back in time under the name of “episodes” has something to do with the nature of this universe.

The timeline of this universe, in shinlogical terms, is before the beginning and connects what is after the end.

The Last Judgment will be the process by which all events on this time axis will be transformed into light data. Now that human knowledge has reached this point, there should be some change in the inflationary cosmology that defines the current Earth.

It is the future, including for example the prediction that the economy of the human world will collapse beyond this inflation. There is no special point inside this material universe in the hado of Fuji ( non-duality). In other words, it contains the true state of the earth and the universe, which, in humans’ mythological terms, means that there can be no absolute god.



Feb 10, Shinki 2nd (2022)

Seki Tetsuo