Vol.794 The Return of Ukanomitama


The kekkai (barrier) of Kabbalah centered in Kyoto, which had been functioning to contain the potential power of the Japanese divine world, probably due to the revival scenario of Prince Shotoku that had been placed in this land, began to break with the disclosure of the secret of Kagome Uta.  Meanwhile, I received a report that the deity Uka-no-Mitama, who had not been contacted since the beginning of the 21st century, had returned to the mountain. At the same time, it seems that the group of of white foxes that is God’s messenger begun to learn how to reclaim the Japanese archipelago.

This would mean the completion of the covenant between the God of the Bible and the earth, who provided the Japanese archipelago as a place to end the age of the Bible. In fact, it is a fact that this contract has sealed the power of curses that the Japanese Deities originally possessed.

And mythologically speaking, the main reason why the story is about the possession of Ōmononushi at the Ōmiwa Shrine is to convey the relationship between the Kanji character for “祟*(sui)” and for “崇*(sū)” that is used in the Emperor’s posthumous name at that time, “Emperor Sūjin (崇神天皇) ”. It is not to convey the horror of the possession of God or Deities.

Perhaps it is time to know that the use of the words “崇(curse)” “聖(holly)” and “徳(virtue)” in the Emperor’s posthumous names hides a kind of fear and a desire on this side of the world to block something.

The sealing power of the spiritual world is one of the reasons why historians in modern Japan, who only talk about history with atheism, insist that Prince Shotoku, the man who is said to have created the Seventeen-Article Constitution, never existed in history.

The reason why I am talking about the atheist view of history and the spiritual energies that have been sealed away throughout history at this time is because the energy to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible or the apocalyptic prophecies of Prince Shotoku was stored in the dark side of this universe or the dark universe. And the side of Light knew in advance that they would be projected into the present time and space, and their prevention is being implemented.

Perhaps this will lead us to make a great difficulty into a medium difficulty, even if there is an Armageddon of Jewish and Nazi forces underway in the United States and other places, or even the appearance of the Last Batallion. When the various acts of human beings are done as they should be done, and all the sins have been declared, there will be an event that many people will recognize as that day and hour.

This world, or the entire planet, is moving in that direction. The symbolic realm is the world economy. The return of Ukanomitama, who is considered the god of money in Japan, should be understood as a sign that the spiritual world fully understands the current money mechanism in this world, and therefore, the switch to collapse using this mechanism will be turned on.

In the past, Deguchi Onisaburo, who was born in Japan and aimed at a kind of divine world revolution in the Ōmoto sect, repeatedly told people that Japan was the template for the world and that they were showing the pattern. From now on, humanity will know the historical meaning of what the long story of the spirit world (Reikai monogatari) written by Deguchi Onisaburo is conveying to this world.

To sum up, ” Reikai Monogatari” is a book that teaches that in this universe, the battle between God and deities will continue without end.

The starting point of shinlogy is that the space-time we live in is a narrative universe, and by overlapping this with Deguchi Ohninzaburo’s book, we can see that the basis of all these disclosures is one and the same thing.

By describing this in the Hikarimonjyo (Light Document), the movement for disclosure of information, which began in the early modern era in Japan and centered on the Deities that have been sealed away in the Japanese archipelago, is coming to an end.
In other words, the historical role of what is commonly referred to as “new religions” has reached its end.

The age of the Bible was, in other words, the age of religion. That era is coming to an end. From this point forward, humans will face the spiritual time and space with the attitude of thinking for themselves, and the preparations for this have already been made with the knowledge of shinlogy and the gifts from the Light cosmos, such as IconSeal and HadoSeal.

At the same time, those who go there will see the Judgment that is going on in the human world, and without that, the story will not end. That is what a contract is all about.



January 27, Shinki 2nd (2022)

Seki Tetsuo


崇* :adore, respect, revere, worship

祟*:curse, divine punishment, wrath (of an angry spirit)




A message was sent in conjunction with this document, and it is attached below. (The text is romanized from the original.)


izunome yukarino
ihizunome meyunotohoshino toakashi hikihotoki
howowo tokarete maō taru mono
mamichino kemono michino tsukutokoroniha
goseno fūshino monoyaramu
taisōna taisōna

konkon shikino ukanomitamano koni arite
konkon shikino mononotami

(Uka no Mitama)

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