Vol. 793 The Road to the Savior Brain


I’d like to inform you of the meaning and purpose of my decision to publish a paper book called Shin-Sho, a series of historical announcements that the Japanese are the saviors in this year 2022.

It was still in the mid-20th century. There was a revelation, or rather a transmission, that in 2022 there would be a change in the role assigned to me, and that a path would be opened for the development of a person who would inherit certain abilities that had been assigned to me by then.

It was in 1991 that I was awakened. The first decade was my “a time,” which was 2001, when 9.11 occurred in the United States. The next 20 years were my “and times” and in 2021, the true nature of American democracy was exposed. The next five years will be my last “half a time”.

And since the beginning of that year, I have been reading the data of the spiritual world on why the Kojiki and Nihonshoki were created. Then I realized once again the mystery of Japanese history.

In the process, I learned how Prince Shotoku’s ability to foresee the future was created, and what the essence of that foresight was, so I’ve decided to transcribe what I can disclose here and transfer it to the side of human knowledge.

The original copy of the Sendai Kuji Honki Taiseikyō, which is said to have been sent by Prince Shotoku to Emperor Suiko also at that time, is still preserved, although incomplete, at a Buddhist temple associated with Prince Shotoku.

The core of this prediction seems to be that before the end of Japan as the Taishi knew it, the goddess Amaterasu would be resurrected or the Iwato (rock door) would be opened. This authentic sutra that dismisses the old as well as the information about the future age of the Taishi is what is commonly referred to as the Sendai Kuji HongiAnd it is not a Buddhist sutra.

It is possible to access this information with the HadoSeal called Prince Shotoku’s Future Buddha, which was given to the Shinlogy Association.  However, in order to reach this knowledge, it is necessary to go through the difficult path of accessing information beyond the realm of the knowledge of the demon king who created this system and the dark cosmos that is the source of the apocalyptic energy.
Frankly speaking, it is a space-time journey of the universe inside the brain, which is a true reflection of the universe. If you have a brain that is capable of this and a human body that can withstand the load, then you are a savior who can make the Last Judgment a reality in your own brain.

Without going beyond God, you cannot reach the knowledge of Buddha, who was able to confront the cause of this universe being closed in a story that it will fight forever. Without transcending this Buddha, there will be no realization of the Last Judgment, which will end the story of this universe as karma.

Human beings were created by this universe as vessels of Judgment.
When we return to this starting point, human beings will be liberated for the first time from the divine world of stories, which is the root of our soul. The progress of Shinlogy also shows that the only way to get to the essence of the system of Japan, the source of all this information, is to shine the right light on the history of Japan itself.

It means that the final knowledge was written to convey to human knowledge the resurrection of the goddess Amaterasu, or the final opening of the Iwato, which was recorded by Prince Shotoku as a result of his vision of the future reign. With the release of this knowledge, all the various powers that had sealed Prince Shotoku would be nullified.

Human knowledge will finally approach the correct divine knowledge. And if the human brain, knowing this, recognizes the true nature of this material universe, then it will shine as a savior and carry out the Last Judgment.

This is destined to happen in the universe of the brain that thinks in Japanese as the language of the divine world. The person who has been given this potential is you, a Japanese person with a Japanese brain. As long as you don’t realize the value of this, your life will be barren and unhappy, and that is the law of this universe. It means that even if the reality of Japan is the Latter Day of the Law, the path has been prepared to approach the reign beyond.


January 20, Shinki 2nd (2022)

Seki Tetsuo