Vol.792 The Book of Revelation and the Future Chronicles


The fact that 2022 will be the year of the Great Reset for the spiritual world as well means that the essence of what I have conveyed so far will be disclosed on a level that ordinary people cannot even imagine. There is a link between Japanese history and world history that even I could not have known until I came here.

At the end of 2021, half of the information of Prince Shotoku’s soul, which apparently existed on the other side of the dark side of this universe, was transferred to the information system of this world, and I was able to find out the reason why Prince Shotoku was sealed up until today. Since the birth of Kokugaku ( the study of Japan ) in the Edo period and the rediscovery of Kojiki by Motoi Nobunaga, the way to understand the Japanese gods has been to read Japanese history only from the descriptions in the Chronicles (Kojiki and Nihonshoki). However, there was a reason why the Kojiki ended its description in the reign of Emperor Suiko.  That is, it could be said to be a riddle that if you don’t know the relationship between Prince Shotoku and Buddhism, you cannot see the true nature of Japanese history.

Let’s recall that in the Edo period, the Edo shogunate declared Sendai Kuji Honki Taiseikyou, which is said to have come from the house of the priest of Izawa no Miya , a separate shrine at Ise, and which is also said to have been written by Prince Shotoku, to be a forgery. Whether it is authentic or not, the fact that it was declared a fake by the power of the time can be said to have prevented the truth of Japanese history from being revealed. Probably because of this, Prince Shotoku’s Future Chronicle, which is said to be preserved at Shitennō-ji Temple, lost its chance to come out.

In the Nihonshoki, Prince Shotoku is referred to as ” Kenchi Mizen” (兼知未然). It means that he knows things that have not even happened yet.
In other words, it is an official acknowledgement that Prince Shotoku knew about the future.

According to “general” information, the future of Japan that Prince Shotoku knew was that the Black Ships would come to Japan, the capital would be moved, and then various things would happen, and then the world of the Latter Day of the Law would come, and demons of Buddhism or I would say, demons from heaven’s would come and Japan would go down the path of destruction.

At the end of the Bible, there is a part called Revelation. It is a description of the end of the world as seen in a vision by a man named John. My current understanding is that Prince Shotoku’s Chronicle of the Future was actually intended to play the role of the Bible’s Revelation.

The God of the Bible was also involved in Japanese history, which is how I know Japan works, and it can be said that His program introduced the knowledge of Buddhism and foretold that the Latter Day of the Law would bring great suffering. And that Latter Day of the Law means that Prince Shotoku had a program that he would come again just like Jesus.

This Prince Shotoku was born in 574 AD and died in 622 AD.
Nakatomi no Kamatari was born in the year 614 A.D. and died in the year 669.
In other words, Kamatari experienced the death of Prince Shotoku at the age of eight, and faced the death of Prince Yamashiro’s clan at the age of twenty-nine.

We should assume that Kamatari had information about Prince Shotoku. The reason why I am mentioning the founder of the Fujiwara clan, Nakatomi no Kamatari, is because in the fall of 2021, for some reason, I was led to what is said to be the graveyard of Nakatomi no Kamatari in Takatsuki City, Osaka, where I came into contact with a secret.
That is why Prince Shotoku was resurrected in the human world in this year, the 1,400th anniversary of his death, and his resurrection also means the trumpet of the end of the world in Japan.
The statue of Kannon, the Goddess of Salvation, in the Dream Hall of Horyuji Temple in Nara was an absolute secret until Fenollosa came and saw it during the Meiji era (1868-1912), and no one had ever seen it. The statue of Kannon is said to be the exact image of Prince Shotoku in his lifetime.

If this is true, Prince Shotoku would have been 178 centimeters tall, and here lies the big secret.
In addition, the fact that Prince Shotoku’s predecessor, Sendai Kuji Honki Taiseikyou, was released to the world in the Edo period from Izawa no Miya in Ise, shows that there are preparations for the last stage of Japan.

If you add to this the information conveyed by Hitsuku no Kami that “when the demons of Buddhism came, the Iwato (rock door) was completely closed”,  you can see the truth of history.

It seems that the day is near when the whole of these things will be transferred to the side of human knowledge.





Seki Tetsuo

January 13, Shinki 2nd (2022)