Vol.791 Shinki 2nd, the Year of the Disclosure of the Mysteries

This year is the year of “2”. This is the beginning of the second Nihon. With it, the mystical disclosure will begin, in which many of the things that have been considered mysteries will be understood through knowledge that is an extension of science.

In the real world, the frenzy of information generated by the mass media (viruses and vaccines) and the hado of cyber space represented by smartphones are directly affecting the human brain and body. It seems that not just a Great Reset in words, but a reset of the earth itself is underway.

In 2019, when the Shinlogy Association was given the Dark and Light IconSeal, the information was that they were to be used as a countermeasure to the damage to the human body caused by the hado of the upcoming 5G communication frequency band.

However, in just two years, the worst-case scenario is currently in progress: the hado of the human body will be linked to their smartphones.

If this situation continues, we can see a future where the information in the human mind will not even be able to distinguish whether it belongs to the world connected by smartphones or to the individual. At this point, it is hard to tell if the group of people behind the virus and vaccine, who do not want to awaken the current human race forever, and the group of people who are trying to bring the current human race’s consciousness under the control of someone else, have the same roots. At this point, however, the people of Earth are now being attacked inside their brains and inside their bodies.

This is the worst possible scenario for humanity. It means that there is an inherent malice in this universe that wants to end its narrative universe without shedding light on its humanity’s black history. The starting point of Shinlogy, where the potential of the current human race as a living organism was confirmed by one man, Buddha, confronting the dark problems of the universe, and where the age of Bible began to solve the problem of God, has now come to face the secrets of the universe itself.

What is already clear is that most of the human knowledge of the universe that is now available as science is already contained in the perception that is the result of the religious act of thinking called Buddhism.

If the potential of humankind is equal to that of Buddha, then we could say that the unraveling of the mysteries of this universe will start from a new starting point, the point of agreement between the current science of human knowledge and shinlogy.

If the human brain does not understand this logic, there is no way to create a logical circuit to contact the divine knowledge.

As I have said many times before, the consciousness that has perfect logic is called Kami (above/God), or at least I call it Ten (Sky/Heaven). And the person who is able to acquire that brain circuitry for him/herself will be the savior of that microcosm. All the things that religions have foretold will not happen in the external universe, but in the universe inside the brain.

Please note that shinlogy exists to create a logical circuit for the Last Judgment to occur in the brain, and this Hikarimonjyo (Light Document) also plays a role in the human verbalization of that logical system.
God and the Last Judgment belong to the same logical system. And it is true that many human emotions are repulsed by these words. Those who know that they will be cast out at the Last Judgment will rebel militantly against them.

This backlash is now occurring on a global scale. The brain itself has become the target of attack.
In order to have a brain and a body that can cope with this new era, the Shinlogy Association was given Light and Dark IconSeal and various HadoSeal.
Knowing this, you will understand why human beings need to live under the new hado, and you will have the courage to move into the future. Finally, “that day and hour”, is about to begin.


January 6, Shinki 2nd (2022)

Seki Tetsuo