Vol. 790 Participation of Jizo

In this year of 2021, Prince Shotoku and his clan came out of the darkness of history, and the concept of the future Buddha became a reality, and I would like to report that the existence of the Buddha world, which we had no contact with until now, seems to have begun to move to save human beings’ souls.

That was the experience of one of our members. One day, while he was investigating the cause of his family member’s health problem, he saw a small Jizo, about a foot tall, apparently carrying a person who had died this year.

And then a certain declaration was made.

They were the ones who died from the (COVID-19) vaccine.  It was a declaration of the Jizo Bodhisattva’s action to somehow send them in the direction of the Light.  However, since the Buddha world itself has already disappeared, they seem to have been lodged in a person who seemed to be the exit to the Light.

In the spiritual world, including the Buddhist world, it can be said that the changes in the world that started with the Wuhan virus are clearly recognized as the world entering an end times.

Furthermore, this report from a member came after we received a transmission from heaven that the light and dark IconSeal given to the Shinlogy Association had been changed, and that from the new year 2022, those would be able to be used not only on the ofuda and omamori  of shrines, but also on those of Buddhist temples, as they would work as they should. So, it was also a confirmation that Buddhism was made in Japan.

In the Buddhism that came to Japan, the beings called Bodhisattvas are said to be in the period of learning to become Buddha.  However, since they were not originally created by human beings in their own image, and had their seat in the divine world of India, it is no wonder that they began to work correctly in this world of the degenerate times.

An event that seems to be linked to this is the increase in the number of people who complain of physical and mental illnesses due to the change in the earth’s hado after the installation of solar power panels.

It has been known for a long time that the underground veins or dragon veins run through the earth.  These are the flow of the earth’s hado, and it seems that they are being cut off or altered by the outburst of the current civilization.  Perhaps we can predict that human existence itself will be questioned in the future due to the negative hado accumulated by past human actions on the earth.

Human behavior is placing a heavy burden on the Earth as Gaia.  Add to that the realization of Armageddon, which some human groups seem to be plotting, and the state of cosmic hado-wise warfare, and this world is rapidly approaching the end of its life. When human consciousness turns in this direction, the situation will accelerate rapidly.

The global economy is still oscillating between optimism and pessimism over the extent of the impact of the Chinese real estate bubble, but considering the fact that the dragon veins on the earth were thoroughly destroyed under the rule of the atheistic Communist Party in response to the dragon in the heavens, we should assume that the repercussions will be beyond human comprehension.

From now on, the Japanese archipelago will experience a number of events that will precede and experiment with the shape of the earth or the world in the future, and these events will change their shape and spread to the rest of the world. In that process, the negative legacy of Western civilization, which has continued from the Meiji era to the present day, will be cleared up, but beyond that, I see a dark future in which Japan’s strengths in manufacturing will be rapidly lost. This is the beginning of the end of the era of domination by a group of people who have benefited from Japan’s defeat in the war.

I guess you could say that the energy in Japan that has been used to make Japan less Japanese is coming to the surface and being liquidated. And the day of reckoning is approaching for the atheistic Japanese who participated in it.
It seems that the year 2022 will be the start of the real thing. Two, two, and two equal six. The era of the Rebirth of Six Ways will end, and the era of the Sixth One will also end.




December 30, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo