Vol.788 A program called End of Anno Domini

For a long time, in the spiritual world, the year 2020 is the end of the Western calendar, and from 2021, the date of this Hikarimonjyo  (light document)  also includes the indication of the first year of Shinki (Dvine Age). However, I have been instructed to switch the order from next year.
The year 2022 is an important year for me as well, as it is the year that I will lose or no longer need the ability to create Ofuda, which was given to me by Shirayama Hime when I started my ‘work’ in this world.

Although not yet perceived by most people in the world, the dominant energy of monotheism is already almost gone on this earth.  What is gaining strength, then, is the spiritual energy of someone who wants to possess this planet as a place for their own survival. When the Shinlogy Association first came into the world, behind this group of people with an intense desire to rule the world were conscious entities that wore the image of the demons of monotheism.

Some of these demonic conscious beings originated from monotheistic gods and some from human beings, and after most of the demons originating from monotheistic religions had left the scene, the demons that remained were those that originated from those who denied the monotheistic gods, such as the god Baal and the god Moloch. This was in fact a reflection of the history of the battle between God and deities that lay behind what is known as Western civilization.

What I was given by Shirayama Hime was the expertise to bring Light into Ofuda, which is called the power of Musubi*, and in fact, human souls are also able to reside in the human body through this power of Musubi. However, it seems that this is a mechanism chosen to fill the human soul with God and the Wakemitama* of the gods during the period when the current human race is making the story of God in the Bible a reality on earth.
It is my opinion that there is little chance that this Wakemitama system will continue with the end of the biblical era.
Of course, for the time being, the human soul will be the wakemitama of God or deities, a mixture of Light and Darkness that must seek Judgment, but the human soul of the next age will be the seat of the promised or covenanted ones when they are born in the world of Mikuni (the Kingdom of Heaven) or Miroku (Maitreya) .

They are the ones who will live in the world after the Judgment, so they should not be the same as the current humankind.
While the program to make these things a reality is being prepared on the side of Light, the side of Darkness seems to be steadily working on a program to involve the earth and the universe in the apocalyptic program of the Bible in order to complete the existing control system and continue the time and space that will not lead to the Last Judgment.

The center of this event is not here in the Japanese archipelago, but in the United States, the Middle East and Russia. And something that should be called the HADO WAR, which has been prepared for a long time by the Jewish element and the Nazi element, is still in progress.
The reason there is no mention of China here is that China has already become an agent of a certain power.

From the perspective of the spiritual world, the earth today is the world of the apocalypse in the Biblical sense, and in the Buddhist sense, it is the From the perspective of the spiritual world, the earth today is the world of the apocalypse, and in the Buddhism sense, it is the degenerate age of Dharma.

In Japan, Prince Shotoku, a figure whose existence has been questioned in historical circles, has been resurrected in a Hado-wise way, and by shedding Light on Prince Shotoku and his clan in Japanese history, the Dark Side of History behind the Kojiki and Nihonshoki will be shedding Light. This will also shed some Light on the Darkness of the Emperors and the Fujiwara Clan and reveal the true nature of Japanese history.
There is no way for the Japanese people to have true awakening and revival of their divinity unless they truly know that behind the history of Japan lies the story of God and deities who created and placed the system of Japan.

In the future, the era of A. D. will end with the birth of Japanese people who will have the courage to see the true nature of the evil that rules the earth today.

In response to this, the IconSeal of Light and Dark, which used to indicate the Western Calendar, will be changed from the year 2022. This change is to enhance their role as a tool for connecting to the Light Cosmos, and is currently being tested under instructions from the Light side. It is now being tested under instructions from the Light side, but it has a stronger light than the previous one. Perhaps we can say that the way is now set for this earth to connect with Light Cosmos.



December 16, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo



Musubi means to tie; to bind; to link

Wakemitama The data of god that has his seat in the heaven, transferred to human soul is called WAKEMITAMA.