Vol. 787 Buddha Dharma has been done


In December of this year 221, from several temples and rocky mountains on the Kunisaki Peninsula, I heard the words, “the Buddha Dharma has been done here,” along with the image of the beginning of a world in which “countless Buddhas will well up from the earth,” as stated in the Lotus Sutra, which has been regarded as the basic scripture for Buddhism in the Japanese archipelago.

I clearly understood that this was the intention of the instruction to create a seal that combined the words “Prince Shotoku” and “Future Buddha.
The system of Japan is not only the system of God, but also the system of the Buddha world. This is the completion of the system of Japan that those who put Nihonshoki and Kojiki on the earth were aiming for.

According to the Heaven’ s schedule that I know of, Japan was supposed to be ready by the end of this year, so from here on, Japan will once again participate in world history and play a role in ending the age of the Bible.
I am currently working with a small publisher to publish a paper book titled “The Japanese are the Messiah” and a paper book titled “Beyond God, Surpass Buddha” at the beginning of the year 2,022. In the future, however, the Japanese archipelago will probably see the birth of countless people who can be called future Buddhas.

The reason why Kunisaki is on this area is probably because the temples in here are all of the Tendai sect of Buddhism, which has a history of placing the Lotus Sutra at the center of their lives and forming a unique culture in conjunction with the god Usa Hachiman. In other words, as the name of the place suggests, it must be a place where the Kuni sakigake was done.
The seal of Prince Shotoku, the future Buddha, has the potential to transmit this program of Japanese history to the people who use it.

I have been explaining that Prince Shotoku and his clan were sealed away on the other side of the dark side of the Japanese archipelago, but it seems that the reality was a place that could be called the hell of heaven, and this was the first time I learned that there was a hell-like place in heaven where the gods resided. It was a place that even the gods did not know about.
The world depicted in the Hollywood movie “The Matrix” is the easiest way for living people to understand the state of the spiritual world. Until that day and hour, the data is stored somewhere, but no one knows where it is until the time it is released, which is the place called the spiritual world.

What will happen now that Japan is ready?  The final battle between the Jewish and anti-Semitic forces behind the history of monotheism is about to begin, within human perception.
It will be a projection of the dark cosmic energies of the Kabbalistic and Nazi vibrational realms onto the earth. It is highly likely that this battle is already underway, both on Earth and in space, as a proxy war between the forces of the United States, Israel, China, and Russia.

Consider that the actions of the world’s governments in response to the Wuhan virus are merely a reflection of this cosmic battle.
You can see that the earth and the universe have already been placed in a narrative outside of human knowledge that can be handled with conventional religious knowledge at present. The world is going through a crisis, but it is possible to think of this macro-crisis as a major challenge, and to deal with it on an individual level, making it a moderate challenge and a minor challenge.

It can be achieved by each one of you doing the same kind of work as God and Buddha, and by shining a Light on the Dark Realm, such as the great theme of the universe, which lies behind the great crisis, so that you can decipher its story correctly.
To be afraid in the face of Darkness and Blackness is to be defeated at the level of the soul.
The space-time humans live in today is a narrative universe that is connected to the universe of Light and also to the universe of Darkness.
Consider that a soul that has made a contract with the universe of Light and decided to go there cannot reach it without a battle with the universe of Darkness.

In order to triumph over the Dark Universe, human beings will have to take on a new form of existence that goes beyond the knowledge of Buddha and the abilities of God and deities that have been placed on Earth so far.

The path to obtain this ability and knowledge will probably be ready by the end of 2021.
At least in the Japanese archipelago, where Buddha Dharma has been done, there are people who will be born to pursue this path.




December 9, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo